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Author Topic: Cinema Lenses for Architecture  (Read 165 times)


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Cinema Lenses for Architecture
« on: October 02, 2021, 11:05:40 am »

Hello Group, 

I recently bought a R5 and RJI-RS-Pro-2 gimbal, and I am starting to fool around with video.  The pro version on the gimbal has a follow focus attachment, but I really do not care about focus.  Instead I would like to set that up to rack the aperture for constant exposure moving from brighter to darker areas.  I am looking to get a couple cinema lenses to allow me to do this.  

Any recommendations on brand and focal lengths?  

I am currently looking at the Canon CN-E lenses, but I am interested in the look of the new Canon Sumire (just not so interested in the prices).  If you are not shooting wide open, are the Sumire lenses worth it?  I would probably be at T/4 or higher.  

Insofar as focal length, I am thinking about starting with the 24mm and punching in if I need to.  Do you think 24mm is wide enough?  

I do plan on doing testing this week soon.   I also have a shoot in New Orleans soon, producing a drop for a new TV show, and may need to capture b-roll for green screens, so I am rent both the CN-E and Sumire lenses to compare.  

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