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Author Topic: Cinema Lenses for Architecture  (Read 686 times)


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Cinema Lenses for Architecture
« on: October 02, 2021, 11:05:40 am »

Hello Group, 

I recently bought a R5 and RJI-RS-Pro-2 gimbal, and I am starting to fool around with video.  The pro version on the gimbal has a follow focus attachment, but I really do not care about focus.  Instead I would like to set that up to rack the aperture for constant exposure moving from brighter to darker areas.  I am looking to get a couple cinema lenses to allow me to do this.  

Any recommendations on brand and focal lengths?  

I am currently looking at the Canon CN-E lenses, but I am interested in the look of the new Canon Sumire (just not so interested in the prices).  If you are not shooting wide open, are the Sumire lenses worth it?  I would probably be at T/4 or higher.  

Insofar as focal length, I am thinking about starting with the 24mm and punching in if I need to.  Do you think 24mm is wide enough?  

I do plan on doing testing this week soon.   I also have a shoot in New Orleans soon, producing a drop for a new TV show, and may need to capture b-roll for green screens, so I am rent both the CN-E and Sumire lenses to compare.  

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Re: Cinema Lenses for Architecture
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2021, 10:03:49 am »

Hi Joe

I have the same setup, R5 and DJI RS2 Pro. Guessing you're referring to the Raven Eye re the follow focus? Just thinking out loud here, will the change in aperture to adjust your exposure be a distraction with the changes in depth of field if it's extreme? If you use auto ISO will this still do what you're wanting?

Used my setup for internal architecture moving images both with RF 50mm 1.2 and T/S 24mm with adapter a couple of weeks ago with nice results.

Sorry if not much help, don't think I understand what you're wanting to do.

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