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Author Topic: Best 44" printer for fine art  (Read 12284 times)


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Re: Best 44" printer for fine art
« Reply #80 on: December 10, 2018, 10:27:52 am »

Just read through this thread and loved the heated debate! ;)
If I wrote half of that about my beloved Nikons I'd be called a fanboy!  ;D
As far as I am concerned, the fact that ImagePrint doesn't support the HP would be a serious downer, but I guess I would look at things differently if I had the skills and patience to fine tune my own profiles.

You may call me a fanboy  :)  after 12 years of usage i am...
but must say it was pure luck i bought this printer... it was very new and there were no reviews...
It was the included spectrophotometer that made me decide to buy it.
Sometimes you are lucky- just like i bought the 14-24 nikon lens when it came out.-

I work without any problems without Qimage... but then i am not a printer but a photographer.
Once you have a good profile for a specific paper you are usually done is my experience.
The canned profiles from the paper companies are also good usually.
You can change colour in photoshop and leave the profile the same; that is i think a better and easier choice than using many profiles.
For repros of paintings and graphic design you would like to have a different profiles depending on the work and the colours used.
(I am sure some might not agreee with me...)

Pieter Kers
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