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Author Topic: Best tool for NEC monitor  (Read 4334 times)


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Re: Best tool for NEC monitor
« Reply #40 on: December 14, 2019, 06:00:01 pm »

BasICColor, as a company, unfortinately became insolvent this spring (see article in german). That's why there is no access to actually (Marc, how did you manage to copy the specs?)

Luckily, Karl Koch and team members from BasICColor (re)developed "Display version 6". Became available some weeks ago for Mac, Win should follow. I know two dealers in Germany who sell it: Kruegercolor and Photolux (on request). dtculturalheritage sells BasICColor, too.

New ver. 6 is able to address hardware LUTs on my PA271Q (ver. 5 was not! Some W versions get hardware support from ver. 5, so better check). As it would be nonsense (in my view) to use software calibration/profiling with a monitor capable of hardware calibration, this is the only alternative to Spectraview II on a PA271Q. Both products run on Catalina.

Display 6 is able to address all 10 memory locations of my PA271Q (while SPII can only address one slot, Nr. 5). It seems to be redesigned (new UI, don't know about changes under the hood) and suffers of some child deseases, but I got provided with a couple of updates during the last weeks.

In my view SPII offers more possibilities in adapting white point, gamma, etc. but suffers from only addressing one LUT memory location. Although settings (and measurement data) can be saved inside SPII and later loaded into memory, AFAIK this takes a little longer than switching memory locations in Display 6.

In my view, Display 6 is less versatile, but easier to use then SPII. According to Dr. Krueger (and Mark on ver. 5, see above) it provides better monitor profiles then SPII - which I haven't tested/measured yet. Visually compared, both products provide me with good profiles. I plan to run some comparison tests in the next weeks (ok, after christmas. Or after turn of the year ;-).

Btw, Display 6 can configure some viewing booths as well.

Hope that helps making a decision.
Regards, Michael
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