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Author Topic: Do I want a 24 inch printer?  (Read 3232 times)


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Re: Do I want a 24 inch printer?
« Reply #20 on: April 04, 2018, 07:17:54 am »

My print history began with the excellent 17" Epson 3800 which served me well for 9 flawless years. I got to learn ICC profiles, paper selection, workflow and the pure joy of seeing my own work appear on something I can touch and share - physically. This last part is what printing means to me and once you surround yourself with your own printed work the pieces come alive in a new way that cannot be achieved via transmissive screens. Its like being surrounded by friends and 17" is a great entry point.

Once the Epson's head expired I wanted more of that joy in larger format. Its the same feeling that drives TV sizes from 24" 20 years ago to 65+" now. As camera sensors are enlarging, increasing resolution while improving quality going larger on the print end of the workflow just let images sing on the paper. You of course have to justify the higher cost of 24". To me its the same as one very good quality lens. A balanced spend of money to produce the complete "performance" means not spending $5-10k on capture/editing gear to share images on a $300 iPad. It means investing on the backend of the workflow which is often ignored.

I considered print/head/ink technology, physical size, cost and what I wanted to produce. This led me to a Canon Pro 2000, but there is very very little difference between modern printers. They won't make your photographs better, but like a sharp meat knife you will enjoy a better result.
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