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 on: Today at 01:22:34 pm 
Started by zobelaudio - Last post by zobelaudio
checked everything but the "other monitor stuff"
So not connection related. May the graphics card be at some sort of limit ?

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Doing some serious spring cleaning here, and selling a bunch of stuff that I haven't used in a while (plus an awesome camera/lens/digital back)! Priced really nicely, to sell fast.

Equipment is located in Brooklyn, NYC. If you're interested in the PhaseOne system, depending on where you live, I'll bring it to you personally.

Feel free to contact me by email ( or phone/text (646.248.4512)



 on: Today at 11:42:42 am 
Started by Arlen - Last post by Arlen
Thanks to each of you for your very generous feedback. Time now to get back to it again.

 on: Today at 11:33:37 am 
Started by Todd Suttles - Last post by Todd Suttles
Very High ISO (12,800). Live or die?

 on: Today at 09:45:23 am 
Started by Mark Lindquist - Last post by hyatts3
Thanks John, I knew it had to do with Apple's security measures.  I didn't have any intentions of installing on the 2020 iMac because I just recently installed the universal raster drivers and they're the first drivers that have correctly installed since I got the machine last fall.  It's been a PITA working on one machine and going to another to print so I was thrilled when the universal worked.  I tried drivers downloaded on 8/20/20 and 1/7/21 and neither installation was successful.  I was really just seeing if the installer would run and when it didn't, I didn't even bother with the bypass measures.  I probably should have tried before I posted.    ;D

Hyatts3:  Did you already have a version of the HP Utility installed or did you go from a clean slate?  If you did, any idea which driver and utility version?

I had a version of it installed previously. When I went to install this version from Mark it initially gave me the same security error but control+click and open allowed me to install it. Unfortunately I can't remember what version I had installed, I didn't double check that before installing Mark's version.

 on: Today at 09:40:08 am 
Started by Eric Myrvaagnes - Last post by Todd Suttles
Maybe not abstract; but shape, color, form, and line

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Armand, while the sunset fell apart shortly after the sun went down, the "After" shot I posted came as I basically, just turned around and made that shot. It's the one thing I always preach to aspiring photographers...if it's good in the front, turn around, you might just be surprised.

 on: Today at 09:20:05 am 
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lot's of questions Dr degrub ...but thx, I'll check and report back. Never tried all this since my system as far as periphery goes has been the same and the problem stared a while ago. I think it was not related to the OS version.

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