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 on: Today at 11:14:22 AM 
Started by ErikKaffehr - Last post by NancyP
This is a lovely image, StevenFr.

 on: Today at 11:11:13 AM 
Started by NigelC - Last post by NancyP
My hope is that they will have taken the Sigma user community's criticisms of SPP seriously. I never went for Quattros. The Merrills have been my high quality lightweight camera for hiking, when I feel like working with only one focal length (and have a pocket full of charged batteries).

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Started by Dan Wells - Last post by Dan Wells
At least in terms of dynamic range, which is one of the important factors leading to more flexible files, the Sony-based sensors are well ahead of anything Canon makes right now. Sony of course uses their own sensors, but Nikon and Fuji use their own custom versions of Sony sensors with various advantages and disadvantages over the base models, and smaller players like Pentax and Hasselblad buy stock Sony sensors. Even Phase One is a Sony sensor user, although they (like Fuji) like to mess with the color filtration. Who knows if Canon will close the gap, or if they're focused on other things, but at this point, the best 24 MP APS-C files (Fuji, with some others close) have more dynamic range than at least most Canon FF files...

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Started by KMRennie - Last post by stamper
Number 4 is especially nice. The first 3 have their merits.

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Started by Jonathan Cross - Last post by Krug
I agree very strongly with Jonathon Cross and Rob C about the need to ensure that 'landscape photography' actually includes reflections (no pun intended) of the everyday landscape that we see and live in not merely some idealized utopian version. Of course we all enjoy the magnificent wildernesses in their pristine, unspoilt wonder but views of agrarian landscape being worked and lived in surely are no less 'landscapes' in their own right and also potentially of interest and worthy of 'artistic' endeavour.
The English painter Constable is generally acknowledged as a 'landscape painter' but his popular paintings of the Stour Valley and the Suffolk countryside frequently included the hand of man and often 'man' as well and indications of 'man's activities'.
Some months ago I posted on what I regard as one of the better sites under the banner of 'Landscapes' a photograph of a farmland scene juxtaposing two (modern) barns and a tractor (no people) and a stack of vegetable shipping crates with the land to which they related.
I saw this as an image of the rural landscape within which I live with an implied comment about the use of that landscape and the challenges - and sometimes contradictions - with which it is faced. I would hesitate to compare it with the juxtapositions of the lock mechanisms that are in Constable's "Flatford Mill" and I was certainly not specifically thinking of that at the time but it does have at least an echo of that if one looks for it. Yet I was subjected to a barrage of abuse along the lines that this could not be considered as landscape in any sense and should not have been posted there. It was even suggested that it should have been posted under "cityscapes" !  A several page discussion ensued - amusingly quite heated at times - between my main critic and his supporters and several others urging a more flexible approach to the definition.
It was only later that I found that the criticism originated from someone who leads commercial workshops into the wilderness areas. I would not dream of belittling that type of effort but it needs to be broadened - as this interesting article suggests cliche threatens down narrow approaches.

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Started by KMRennie - Last post by Mike Dale
I like them all. Very well done.

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Started by KMRennie - Last post by KMRennie
We have had a few days with temperature inversions in Borrowdale causing varying degrees of freezing fog over Derwentwater. Four images taken over a 2 hour period from the ultra minimalist onwards. Comments welcome Ken.

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Started by tim wolcott - Last post by MattBurt
Two from this morning

I really like that first one. It reminds me of impressionist images of the french countryside.

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Started by narikin - Last post by narikin
Hi all.

I need to print some large-ish images on a 44" roll of 'Harman by Hahnemuhle' Baryta Gloss, which is a truly wonderful paper, BUT...has a fierce curl to it when used in roll form.

Any secret or tips to flattening the prints? Cover sheet and weight to flatten for a few days?

I have the 'D-roller', and could use that, but would rather not be stressing the paper with a tight reverse curl, which is what that does - it makes me a little uneasy treating paper like that, but... 'if needs must', then will have to.

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Anybody done business with 1ink, have an opinion on the company?

Richard Southworth

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