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 on: Today at 11:14:52 am 
Started by Chairman Bill - Last post by Chairman Bill
I don't how you do it but these are awesome!

I point machinery at the scenery

 on: Today at 11:12:19 am 
Started by Chairman Bill - Last post by RSL
I agree with Armand, Bill, though I think I know how you do this. "Looking is everything." Bravo!

 on: Today at 11:10:12 am 
Started by armand - Last post by armand
And this is the second:

 on: Today at 11:10:06 am 
Started by armand - Last post by RSL
Well, that's an improvement, but, yeah, there are times when there's nothing you can do about stuff like that.

 on: Today at 11:08:53 am 
Started by armand - Last post by armand
Today it's a rainy day

I have 2 different takes, this is the first one:

 on: Today at 11:08:17 am 
Started by Christopher Sanderson - Last post by John R
Two lovely shots, Rare. Bravo!
These are really fine, John! One question, do you use a rain cover for the camera gear when photographing in the rain? My Pentax is almost waterproof. But if you don't have a corresponding water resistant lens the rain will creep between the lens mount and camera.


 on: Today at 11:04:43 am 
Started by armand - Last post by armand
Thank you all!

Regarding the second shot, it was taken @ 70mm F4 (with a Nikon 70-200 F4). I kind of like it but I get it why you don't feel that it's working. I did try several frames but I couldn't really get the background less obvious.
I tried to subdue it a little more in LR:

 on: Today at 11:03:50 am 
Started by Alan Klein - Last post by Robert Roaldi
Anyone who has followed this thread has seen page after page of non Americans putting down Americans as well as Trump for their seeming inability to control the spread. Interestingly, you've hardly mentioned the actions of governors who are responsible for most of it.  They are the ones making rules for their states if and when facilities can reopen that appears to cause resurgence.

So if you're so smart,  why have European rates now surpassed Americas? Why is their panic in the streets and capitals of many countries there? It seems you have the same issues as the US.  Maybe now you'll develope a little compassion instead of knocking us and our leaders all the time.

I've suggested a little humility from the beginning.   That the game isn't over until it's over and there will be plenty of time then to compare who did a better job and why. You need a little self reflection in the meanwhile.

Stop this asinine and insulting baiting. People have criticized the US handling of the pandemic, especially at the federal level but no one has made fun of sick Americans.

As to whether there is "panic in the streets of European capitals", what are you talking about?

 on: Today at 11:01:29 am 
Started by Cem - Last post by Cem
Yesterday, DxO has announced the latest version of PL, which is PL4. This has a so-called DeepPrime noise reduction mode which works (according to DxO) directly on the not yet demosaiced raw file and does the noise reduction and demosaicing in one go. I have been testing it using a range of my own high ISO images from various cameras and the results are astonishing. I have compared the PL4 noise reduction to LR/ACR/PS, Topaz Denoise AI and C1 Pro. PL4 was the best performer. If you shoot lots of high ISO/high noise images, I recommend that you download the trial version (30 days functional) and give it a go.

 on: Today at 11:00:24 am 
Started by Alan Klein - Last post by jeremyrh
You spit blood when you go to the dentist?  Yeah, in all seriousness, that is typically a sign of gingivitis.  Your gums should not bleed from just having your teeth cleaned.
Correct, as my hygienist always tells me :-(

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