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 on: Today at 09:04:22 pm 
Started by Wolfman - Last post by Wolfman
Appreciated Slobodan.

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Started by Mark Lindquist - Last post by deanwork


Your sculptures are so beautiful and I had no idea they were that huge !

Nice ad for HP ( not really sold on the Bosa Nova though :-)  ).

As I said when they first came out, I will believe the light gray values are equal to my Z3100, Z3200, Ipf 8300, and Large format Epsons with the great QTR,  with the light gray dilution missing in that new inkset when I see it. Iím still very skeptical about that, which would be a deal breaker for me if itís not at least equal to what Iím doing now or the other new offerings. Hp in their ads donít even mention monochrome and thatís really scary to me because it was promoted so much in their previous Z tech. I wanted them to add another light light gray, not remove the one they had. For many people it might be a non issue. For me itís critical.

Also I would like to see one on one gamut comparisons to the current Epson and Canon 12 channel printers . On Site used to do that, but not anymore. Guess there are too many printers and inksets coming out now.

The spectro is a huge factor with me as I am so dependent it for making quick profiles on crazy alternative media, I would miss that in a new Epson for sure! Also in that regard, last I heard HP had dumbed down the profiling firmware on the Z9+ leaving you with only small patch sets to work with. I certainly hope that can be overcome.i If not it is a step backward. Speed is far less of a concern than killer profiles with more patches for our primary media, especially since they already know how to make that possible.


Nice overview, Mark. Thanks for sharing that. I have to say even though I'm fighting with a Z3200 right now, the Z9+ leads the pack in my consideration of what to get to build out my new core of printers. I only wish they made a 60" version!

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Started by Wolfman - Last post by Slobodan Blagojevic
A fine shot, Bernard.


I like the restrained, natural-looking processing too.

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Started by luxborealis - Last post by Slobodan Blagojevic
Fine shot as-is, Terry.

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Started by Slobodan Blagojevic - Last post by Slobodan Blagojevic
UPDATE - 14th Spider Awards Nominee for a b&w version of the first OP shot (in the Architecture category). Also for the bird shot in the Wildlife category:

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Like I said, population is the cause of too much pollution and CO2.  So now it's had to happen.  People calling for no children.  It's sick out there and getting sicker.

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Not sure what you're not seeing assuming you're using SpectraView. You don't see this?

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One from last week in one of my favourite autumn places.

C&C welcome, especially improvements within the realm of what is commonly known as 'straight' photography.

RX10iii 200mm (equiv) f/4 @ 1/30 ISO64
Processed in Lr 6.14 and LrM

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Started by brucehughw - Last post by digitaldog
Well there's is this.....

Everything you thought you wanted to know about Histograms

Another exhaustive 40 minute video examining:

What are histograms. In Photoshop, ACR, Lightroom.
Histograms: clipping color and tones, color spaces and color gamut.
Histogram and Photoshopís Levelís command.
Histograms donít tell us our images are good (examples).
Misconceptions about histograms. How they lie.
Histograms and Expose To The Right (ETTR).
Are histograms useful and if so, how?

Low rez (YouTube):
High rez:

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Thank you Russ.

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