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Late autumn frost. Phase One XF IQ4 150

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The processing isnít done in user order but the order Adobe has decided upon and yes, that's a black box (only Adobe knows and they ain't telling).

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While the new macpro uses PCI-3.0
PCI-4.0 boards are already the new norm.

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From Wiki, "A May 2012 United Nations committee report stated that none of the six Fukushima workers who had died since the tsunami had died from radiation exposure. According to a 2012 Yomiuri Shimbun survey, 573 deaths have been certified as "disaster-related" by 13 municipalities affected by the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

 It was the largest nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl disaster of 1986,[10] and the radiation released exceeded official safety guidelines. Despite this, there were no deaths caused by acute radiation syndrome. Given the uncertain health effects of low-dose radiation, cancer deaths cannot be ruled out.[11] However, studies by the World Health Organisation and Tokyo University have shown that no discernible increase in the rate of cancer deaths is expected." 


This is not the point you were making to which I answered.

You may not be realizing this, but the twisted logic to which you have to conform to keep defending Trump at any cost is apparently infecting you and impacting your ability to think straight and to have a balanced conversation on other topics also. A balanced conversation being one in which you admit when you are wrong and don't start with a premise that you know better than the person you are speaking with on any topic just because you are right by definition (i.e. Trump is innocent by definition because it's a political plot against him).

On Fukushima, there are several things:
- no, death were not caused by mass hysteria
- yes, all the evacuations were totally needed, and I personally think that more people should have been evacuated in a smarter way
- yes, the official number of casualties resulting from radiation is very low, but whether that is the true situation is object to serious debate and there are many contrary sources in Japan claiming that the actual numbers are much higher
- no it doesn't mean I am personally against nuclear as a key energy source but it has to be done the right way:

1. Without profit as the main driving motivation to operate the plants, we have seen how it has led to structural under-investment in maintenance and updates in Japan with major safety risks
2. Leveraging the best available technology, which is probably the French 3rd generation EPR power plants although these have proven very costly and difficult to manufacture/build well
3. With information shared in a totally transparent way to citizens

And why does it always have to be state-run?  It is not like state run entities are incapable of disaster.  Chernobyl was state run.  And since when were companies not being held accountable?  The last major energy screw up in the USA was the BP oil spill.  They were ordered to pay out $5.5B; that sounds like a pretty serious dose of accountability. 

And are government run entities always held accountable?

The key issue with private ownership of Nuclear reactors is three-fold:
- As mentioned above, it leads to prioritizing profit over safety. Fukushima is a very clear example of this,
- Private companies simply do not have the financial means to pay the actual cost of the consequences of a Fukushima like event, not event 10% of it. This means that the huge societal cost is not covered by anyone. People lose their homes and memories and don't get compensated for it although the private entity was making money on their back for years thanks to an exclusive license to operate granted by the people through the government. I am sure you understand how unbalanced this is,
- Private entities are intrinsically less transparent.


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BasICColor, as a company, unfortinately became insolvent this spring (see article in german). That's why there is no access to actually (Marc, how did you manage to copy the specs?)

Luckily, Karl Koch, original founder of BasICColor, (re)developed "Display version 6" on his own. Became available some weeks ago for Mac, Win should follow. I know two dealers in Germany who sell it: Kruegercolor and Photolux (on request).

This new ver. 6 is able to address hardware LUTs on PA271Q (ver. 5 is not! I suppose this is true for PA271W as well, but better ask). As it would be nonsense (in my view) to use software calibration/profiling with a monitor capable of hardware calibration, this is the only alternative to Spectraview II. Both products run on Catalina.
Display 6 is able to address all 10 memory slots of my PA271Q (while SPII can only address one slot, Nr. 5). It seems to be redesigned (new UI, don't know about changes under the hood) and suffers of some child deseases, but I got provided with a couple of updates during the last weeks.

In my view SPII offers more possibilities in adapting white point, gamma, etc. but suffers from only addressing one LUT slot (MultiProfiler from NEC can be used to configure the other nine slots, but - as far as I understand the manuals - those configurations are just "calculated" and can not be measured).

In my experience, Display 6 is less versatile, but easier to use then SPII. According to Dr. Krueger it provides better monitor profiles then SPII - which I haven't tested/measured yet. Visually compared, both products provide me with good profiles. I plan to run some comparison tests in the next weeks (ok, after christmas. Or after turn of the year ;-).

Btw, Display 6 can configure some viewing booths as well.

Hope that helps making a decision.
Regards, Michael

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It's a black box  8)  in that LR & ACR will pick the order that it needs to complete the process.

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Anyone have any links or documents that explain the order in which LR/ACR applies all the Develop settings under the hood?  After 20 minutes of googling I haven't been able to find anything.

I understand I don't need to edit in that order, but I'm curious nonetheless.  :)

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Another winner. A perfect South Florida magazine cover.

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Just not sure about this - can't put my finger on it, so appreciate thoughts...

I would say your foreground is too bright for the background? Once that is brought into balance, perhaps the whole image could benefit from being a tad darker?

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