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 on: Today at 07:19:43 pm 
Started by Alan Klein - Last post by faberryman
I guess that the knife wielding guy was white.

The article didn't say, but I assume so. The people that police kill are, for the most part, armed. The BLM protests are about the killing of unarmed black men. You rarely hear about the police killing an unarmed white man.

 on: Today at 06:57:58 pm 
Started by Alan Klein - Last post by LesPalenik

Michigan man refused service for not wearing mask stabs customer, is fatally shot by deputy

I guess that the knife wielding guy was white.

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Started by JRSmit - Last post by Mick Sang
They aren't cheating. These settings do not affect Relative or Absolute Intent and these are the only ones the ICC specifies any detail on. Perceptual is up to the OEM or profile maker.

In fact, I have seen similar alterations in Hahnemuhle profiles for the Perceptual Intent. It's anyone's game for the Perceptual Intent. Personally, I print with the rendering intent which provides the best visual result. Half the time it's Rel Col and the other half Perceptual. I check Saturation on occasion. But, have yet to discover any real benefit.


 on: Today at 06:02:49 pm 
Started by Alan Klein - Last post by Chris Kern
I am heartened to see that no one took the bait . . .

Abandon all hope, ye who enter this thread.

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Started by mdijb - Last post by Joe Towner
TM has a limit on how long and what it keeps - that makes it a crippled online backup solution for people trying to save few bucks... I understand why somebody in 10th-world country can do this, but the last time I checked someone resides still in USA and not working as a bracero.

Having a hard time separating the incorrect answer from the insult. TimeMachine is a valid, very usable backup solution that does more than either BackBlaze or Crashplan.  Try doing an OS level reinstall from any cloud provider.  Or moving to a new Mac.  For folks working off a single drive, especially an internal one, there isn't a simpler product THAT JUST WORKS.

Are there better things like cloning your OS drive, or multiple stage backups, yes. But for a simple backup, plug in a drive, format it APFS & turn on TimeMachine beats not having one hands down.  Works for folks on limited internet, or even completely offline.

Has CrashPlan shutdown their 'home' product before, yep.

Online storage is a race to the bottom - lowest price for unlimited storage. It's not sustainable as a business model.  For every terabyte you upload, someone has to spend more than a few bucks every month to manage, maintain & replicate your data.  Start reading into the cost structure of this business and start to worry.  Code42 did the pivot away from the consumer plans because it's a money losing space.  I expect once they go public there will be a shift to higher margins & doing things like setting a minimum number of seats.

The 'forever' storage isn't a realistic plan.  If you want to archive data, that's a separate product space & things like tape drives, B2 or AWS Glacier come into play.  A continuously incremental backup will fail far more often than anyone wants to admit.  Any issue in that file/block chain, and you're completely screwed & re-uploading everything.  TimeMachine does a pretty good job of rolling up data (days into weeks, weeks into months, etc), and having to start a fresh backup is a good time to swap out the backup drive for a new one.

Everything you backup to a cloud will be deleted once you stop paying the bill.  A stack of drives at home offsite can be read by others, so if you have kids, make sure they know where to look if something happens to you.


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Started by sbernthal - Last post by sbernthal
New price $4200

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Started by Alan Klein - Last post by faberryman
Okay, I'm back. Thanks to hogloff's hint, it went quicker than I thought. I am heartened to see that no one took the bait to discuss TravelGate, so we can leave that behind us. Apparently even Alan didn't think it was worth the effort, so he's moved on to China...again. I hope everyone shows the same good sense they exhibited with TravelGate.

Did you see this:

Government Rescinds Plan to Strip Visas From Foreign Students in Online Classes

That bold initiative lasted a week. More winning. Apparently Stephen Miller is now under his desk crying uncontrollably.

And another patriot refuses to wear a mask as his last act.

Michigan man refused service for not wearing mask stabs customer, is fatally shot by deputy

Just another day in the good old USA.

I remember a line from the police drama Hill Street Blues: "Let's be careful out there."

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Started by Alan Klein - Last post by Alan Klein
I notice that you fail to really address the content of my message.

Friedman is most certainly a centrist, perhaps a tad to the left. If you do not see that perhaps it is because you are so far over on the right.

As for tyrants, give us a break. Trump has been a huge flop with North Korea. He's a pal with Duterte. And, worst of all, he is a sycophant of Putin's. He's gotten nowhere with China, not a peep that I know of about Hong Kong or the Uighurs. I will give him credit--assuming it was him--for sending the navy to the South China Sea to push back on China's unwarranted territorial claims. I'll have to write that down on the post-it where I keep a list of his good deeds.

Remember, this is the guy who said, a while back, that during the American revolution, the Continental Army "took the airports" from the British.
Trump had China figured out long before all the Democrats and Republicans who kowtowed to them for decades.  China's been stealing our intellectual property and other secrets for years, manipulating industry and finance and their currency, stealing islands in the South China Sea, and gave us the virus which may destroy our primacy in international affairs and finance.  The average American has more sense then our stupid politicians.  Americans understand they've been walking all over us and others.  Trump has tried to fight back with little help from our biased press.  The press and most politicians were focused on Russia, who's no threat to us or the world, meanwhile looking the other way as China walks all over everyone.  Even the Europeans were stupid allowing China to get out of the Paris CO2 environmental requirements until 2030.  They steal Europe's secrets too.  The Chinese are laughing all the way to the bank.

 on: Today at 05:07:31 pm 
Started by WillEnos - Last post by WillEnos
In need of a Leveling Base?  I have an Acratech that I am parting with.  This is not the LARGE version.. but what you might call the standard.  It is in really great shape.. is extremely smooth and solid.  I rate the base at 9.. minor marks from mounting on tripod and the head.  $100 

Leaf Aptus 22 digital back.  Great starter back for someone new to medium format digital or who wants a backup.  Comes with 4 good batteries and charger.  Has the imbedded stylus. Front and back covers. Very low captures.. 12,908.  Sensor is devoid of marks or scratches.  Photos taken with the back upon request.  I rate it at an 8+.. Sensor plastic cover has two of the upper retaining tabs broken and the rear LCD cover is lightly scratched but fits tight.   $950

Tether Tools orange Tether Cable.  USB 2.0 to USB-mini 5 pin.. 15ft.  My rating on this cable is 9+.. it was a second cable we hardly ever used.  $20

Free shipping in CONUS and Paypal fees are covered on my end for each piece of gear.

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Started by Manoli - Last post by Alan Klein
It's close to meaningless.  The immune system can still retain the 'memory' of infection and mount an immune response quickly upon new exposure.  The immune system is complex and there are a number of different types of response.
I agree.  We should be immune.  The problem is if it mutates like the seasonal flu changes every year.  Or the common cold. Can you imagine having to put up with this every year?

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