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Author Topic: Using Facebook and Twitter to promote work: losing control over ownership  (Read 26231 times)


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As this has been much of my experience as well, it appears that another component of being successful in using Facebook requires that your name must be "Ian" :)

But yes this does mirror much of what I have been doing and saying.

Ian L. Sitren

I extensively use FB to promote my photography business. A couple of things I've learned.
You have to spend money, not a lot, but some. This elevates you above the 99.9% of people using it to promote for free. (Free won't won't work unless you are Annie Leibovitz or someone like that.) You have to post often, but not too often, that will turn people off. I probably post 10 or 12 items a week and boost them with a few bucks, to either people following my page, or to a custom target.
You have to get critical mass of followers. I've been in these forums where people complain that their FB page doesn't do anything for them. When I check they have maybe 200 'Likes'. This isn't going to do anything. For me, once I reached the 25,000 mark I started to get business from FB. Now I have over 50,000 and I get tons of queries for work through the page. It's also a nice way to highlight work as most of clients like to see their images with hundreds or even thousands of 'Likes'. So it reinforces my existing clients as well as finding new ones.
It's not going to work for everyone, but for my type of candid portraiture biz, is has been amazing. I reckon there are three or four years of usefulness left in FB before it has run its course.
Ian L. Sitren
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