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Useful Links
« on: January 12, 2006, 06:09:45 am »

(may be a naive try, but I hope not totally pointless in order to avoid misunderstandings leading to too much contrast...)

I totally agree with the following comment about "Tip&Tricks":
It will be interesting to watch this column evolve. In the meantime, thanks for the initial items: let's hope the forums calm down a bit as more realize that this is a beta, and what a great opportunity that presents.

Then I think that if the posters  double check the "originality" of what they think to post/discuss here versus what has already clearly stated in one of the 3 reports listed below,
could be of some help in keeping this forum balance of usefulness/respect-of-opinions:

1- product release notes - known issues for Beta 1 (Under "Product Details"/ReleaseNotes)
------- [a href=\"][/url]

2- LL- Intro:

3- LL- Tip and Tricks:

and don't forget neither...

- PSN- Resources:


Talking about specific feature requests and specific bugs HERE won't do Lightroom and Lightroom's development much would be far better to do that in the specific forums at Adobe Labs that have been set up for that purpose...
Lightroom Feature Requests
Lightroom Bug Reports
That's where the engineers are hanging out and where YOUR opinions will do the product some good.
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my 0.02, while eagerly waiting for the PC versions bits.
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