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Author Topic: Anyone use the HyperDrive iUSBport Camera2?  (Read 1055 times)


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Anyone use the HyperDrive iUSBport Camera2?
« on: February 16, 2015, 05:38:50 pm »

I've used the Hyperdrive for many years (since the company was first known as Sanho) to offload CF cards while on location to furnish an immediate backup. I was looking at their site recently and saw that they have a wifi-ish kind of device called the iUSBport Camera 2. Specifically, it send JPEGs to an iPad, iPhone etc. Awhile back, I bought the Eyefi, looking for a way to NOT tether when on location, yet furnish those clients with a way to see what I'm shooting if they really must. I hated it. Very klutzy, slow, and infuriating that you actually need an internet connection to set up or change anything.

This looked like an interesting device, OK speed (nothing too phenominal, but reasonable @ 4.5MB/s over ad hoc, using small JPEGs of lower quality).

I was curious if anyone had actually used this and whether it worked as promised, without a lot of fuss. (Too many other things going on to have to worry about that as well.)
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