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First Time Published
« on: December 03, 2002, 01:48:56 PM »

[font color=\'#000000\']Well, sometimes that might be good start. I spend a day at the local zoo every now and then to take pictures of animals and the people watching them. It's fun and can be rewarding. If you are interested in wildlife photography the zoo is a great place to learn. Joe is cute.


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First Time Published
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2002, 12:11:28 PM »

[font color=\'#000000\']I am going to have a set of photos published in a couple Zoological Journals and Periodicals. I have been following the progress of a Tree Kangaroo Joey that was born in September at my local zoo and was approached by the zoo about use of my images. There are only a handfull of these animals in captivity and they only exist in a small section of New Guinea and nobody has ever photographed the Joey at this young a stage. Their photographers have been trying but with no luck to get some images of the young one. The Joey only shows itself for a few seconds and you have to do a lot of waiting. As the old saying goes I would rather be lucky than good.  I am surprised by the reaction as the zoo staff are all fired up about my images. I am not a professional so this is a real thrill for me to be published somewhere.

Here are some new samples if you want to see what a Tree Kangaroo Joey looks like.[/font]
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