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Author Topic: HD-709A compared to Adobe RGB 1998  (Read 31975 times)


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Re: HD-709A compared to Adobe RGB 1998
« Reply #20 on: August 08, 2014, 07:01:31 pm »

For those of you playing the game at home, I finally got rid of almost all the pink cast by going into the 2320L color settings and switching from video to graphics. Why? Dunno. It also has to be set for Ycbcr and not RGB but it was already there by default.  The color temperatures don't make much difference and they are not labelled as temps, just warm, games, etc. I left it on warm which usually means native or 6500.
Now the only problem is the Galaxy background image on the Mac is still bluer on the 2320L than on the 2413, but the faces on the test image are pretty close but better on the 2413. i think there's still pink in the blue on the 2320L.
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