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Author Topic: How start , questions related to chemicals and stuff for develop in home.  (Read 4382 times)


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Hello guys i come from the digital world, i am amazed for how looks the analog photos and i decided to learn, (sorry for my bad english) i buyed a fuji gx680 with a 180mm 3.2 lens , i love tri-x looks , my questions is about how develop in home.
1- i readed about paterson tanks are good, but not sure what of all buy , are a system just for one reel , two and more... in my country i dont have the developers for buy so i need to import it , this is on powder like this:

1- if my tanks is for one reel for example, that package is for one gallon , can i mix just only for the necesary for use with my tank and save the rest of powder? or i must prepair all the content ? once used can i save it for use later? .
2- fixer what is recommended? and again the same question of the question 1-
3- what more i need i readed in some places they only use whater for stop, is better way buy a stopper ? and again the same question of the 1-
4- emultion?
5- any heater cheap like the acuarium recommended for warm the water? ( safe :) )
6- are some chemicals for clean the roll are recomended? and which one?
7- i saw a accordion bottles for store chemicals are good? or the glass bottles are better?
8- how i must clean my equitment, and this tanks paterson can i use for develop color too like c-41 process? if i used previously with b/w? and vice versa?
in resume guys never i developed and i researched but i am not clear yet of what i need to start , please dont say me go to school and learn with other people i dont have that here and i like experiment alone in my house.

For all your kind help thanks very much x 1000 :)


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If you are doing it for the first time there is a tendency to over think it. Enjoy it the first time on some non critical shots and then you will soon work it out. If possible don't buy more than the amount you need. Powder keeps indefinitely. Liquids will go off. I

1. Paterson are good tanks. Get a tank that will take two reels of 120 film if possible. The smaller ones will take two 135 films but not 120.
2. Fixer is pretty much fixer. Ilford Rapid Fixer is what I use.
3. Water is fine for film as a stop bath. Pour in, swish around and pour out.
4. If the question is what developer then it may depend on what you can get. Ilford ID11 and Kodak D76 come in 1 litre packs. This link will tell you how to develop any film in any developer

5. I make up all the solutions including rinse water before I start and place them in a tub of water. I measure the temperature and adjust by adding hot or cold water.
6. If by "clean the roll" you mean stop drying marks then you can use a wetting agent like Kodak PhotoFlo
7. Accordian bottles are probably great but they cost more than throwing away the developer unless you do a lot. I just save up a few films and develop together.
8. I have only done Black and White. C41 is cheaper to take to someone else. Surprisingly I can get colour developed for $10 same day but BW costs $20 and takes days.

You will also need a changing bag and some film clips.
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