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Author Topic: A salutary lesson  (Read 442 times)


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A salutary lesson
« on: June 23, 2014, 05:20:01 pm »


I just thought people would want to know of the latest scam that has appeared on EBay and of which I was very nearly a victim.  Its not an item thats priced cheaply but a normal auction. I won the auction and then got the following email (and a full refund) from the genuine user who'd be suckered in by the conmen:-

Good evening Alun,

I do hope that all is well... I am going to be 100% honest with you in regards to this auction. I have reported this to Ebay no long ago... I am hard working honest young man from South London and my mother raised me to ALWAYS tell the truth!

I was looking for a part-time job opportunity online that I could do around my full-time job and around my 16 month old son. My girlfriend wants to get engaged this year so I am trying to look to get something extra special for her engagement ring like a bridal set. 7 day ago i was looking all over online an came across an job advert online ( I was curious and said to my self I can do this so I was eager to start earning money online.

This is the first email I was sent...

Hi there,

I am looking for people to list my digital cameras on ebay. You will receive 100 + 5% from the selling price for each item listed. I will pay you when the auction ends.
If you are wondering why I don't list the items myself it's just because sellers with no feedback don't have the same success as the ones with + feedback.
If interested in the job send me your ebay username so I can check your feedback score.


Now to me everything looks fine but today I was looking back reading through all the emails and was wondering why this guy called Harry that I am working for cannot contact me or email back today after I told him the funds won't be available to withdraw until the next 21 days! I refunded you straight away and called Ebay fraud investigation team and all has been reported. This is a very clever and deceiving way of stealing money from people but i've never done such a thing and If it was to happen to me I would want my money back to... Alun I am very very sorry to break this news to you
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