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Author Topic: Final Cut Library Manager  (Read 1205 times)

Christopher Sanderson

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Final Cut Library Manager
« on: June 03, 2014, 02:19:27 pm »

Once in a blue moon one stumbles across a piece of software that is so good and so intuitive you have to make mention of it. So here is a plug!

A couple of days ago I ran across Arctic Whiteness' Final Cut Library Manager.

If you don't use Final Cut X - read no further.

If you do - get this software - it makes managing Libraries a total doddle.

One of the big things in FCP X 10.1 was the agglomeration of all elements of a project into a single all-encompassing Library file. Events & Projects live within this Library.

All well and good but it makes archiving a bit of a task since one potentially can archive all kinds of space-consuming material such as renders, proxies, optimized media, thumbnails & waveforms. All of which can be easily re-created if needed.

Library Manager searches your complete drive system for FCP Libraries, indicates the amount of space within each Library that those FCP created files consume and with a couple of clicks, allows you to eliminate them. It even warns you if it cannot find the original media.

There are several other neat extras - such as allowing you to open just a single Library of your choosing at a time.

The interface is about as clean, intuitive and uncluttered as an app could and should be. Really worth the $10-12 to purchase. IMO

BTW Lightroom users who also use an iPad, MBP trackpad or wireless trackpad should check out The Touch which looks pretty cool too. They also have a good selection of LR plugins...
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Re: Final Cut Library Manager
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2014, 05:19:14 pm »

This looks interesting, will check it out later.
I don't do that much moving image but when I do I use FCPx and still have problems with getting my head rond events/libraries/projects and while trying to share a recent project ended up with loads of duplicates and then my final edit going missing ??? And spending ages getting it back.
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