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Author Topic: Canon Pro 9500 Mk II printer issues with OS-X and LR5  (Read 1437 times)

Arne Loren

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Canon Pro 9500 Mk II printer issues with OS-X and LR5
« on: December 22, 2013, 11:14:02 PM »

New to the forum and looking through the page after page of previous postings, I could not find the help I needed.  If this has already been covered, my apologies.  That said, off to the issue.  Working on an iMac running OSX v 10.8.4, working in LR 5, v 5.3.  The issue is my prints are lacking in saturation and seem to be missing a great deal of black ink (my diagnosis but may be way off base)

Owning up to my errors, I bought the printer last Christmas, ran a dozen prints and it has sat since without use.  Second cardinal sin is waiting until two days before Christmas to print some presents.  Also, I replaced my iMac with a newer model a few months ago.  When I started the printing, the iMac loaded the print drivers upon seeing this printer for the first time.  The first thing I did was to run a cleaning cycle and to my amazement, after running this and a test print, there were no lines or apparent issues, though color saturation looked a bit lacking.  Ink levels look fine but the grey is going down FAST as I make print after print chasing this issue.  The printer is running driver 10.72.10.  I have run prints under specific profiles for the paper and even tried prints under Managed by Printer and little difference.  Even checking the Print Adjustment box and selecting -25 still show prints that look 3 stops overexposed.

The prints I am attempting to make are a print with calendar pages underneath.  I printed this same print last year so have a sample of the last printing and the grey and black used for the borders, numbers and month names give me a comparison to the current prints.  As I said, the blacks and grays are very weak and the color print used is overexposed and missing the blacks.  In anticipation of ink issues, I have ordered new inks but they will not arrive until the 26th. 

I did go to the Canon web site and download the drivers indicated and they appear to be numbered different than the version listed above, even though I ran through the installation properly.  Possibly I have a driver issue and just need help uninstalling the old and reinstalling the new drivers.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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