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Author Topic: Fuji X-E1 raw and Picturecode software  (Read 2347 times)


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Fuji X-E1 raw and Picturecode software
« on: October 29, 2013, 04:09:33 pm »

After reading some of the recent posts on the use of the Picturecode software, "Photo Ninja" on Fuji Raw files I decided to try it.  I was having some success with either LR 5 or Capture One 7, but clearly after working with Photo Ninja on the Fuji Files both LR and Capture One are lacking in finer details.  Since purchasing the Fuji I have been on a quest to find a raw converter that will allow for the finer details in green subject matter to be defined as best as possible

What is more amazing is just how darn good this camera/lenses the Fuji X-E1 system is.  The only problem that plagues me are blown highlights as there seems to be very very little recovery possible.  What I miss in the Photo Ninja are the great amount of controls that you get with LR and Capture One. 

With LR 5.x I still seem to get what I call detail confusion with smaller details, especially greens.  Occasionally LR will also have some issues with details on rocks and other strata giving them a strange plastic look.  (not due to too much noise reduction). 

Capture One for me gives a more useable image, but I still find areas where the conversion has trouble.   

I am still working with Photo Ninja, and would like to see  some more controls but somehow it gets more definable details.  Definable details that really make the files show just how much detail can be captured.

After working the base raw file up with Photo Ninja, I will then sharpen with Focus Magic.  I had tried Focus Magic several years ago and it I did not sync with it, however after reading several of Bart's and others posts referring to FM, I tried it again.  The net result is for Fuji Files it's really amazing. 

Often I find myself working a series up with both Photo Ninja and either LR or Capture One and then doing combinations of the files.  Both LR and Capture One have better highlight recovery/controls for me than Photo Ninja.  So often I will work up for sky with the later.  One thing I found that is both LR and Capture One create a slightly different sized image than Photo Ninja (make sure you have lens corrections off in all or you will never get them to work), but if you use CS 6 auto align layer tools, they all come together very well. 

I pretty much had given up using my Nex-7 as I found it to be basically a iso 100- 400 camera and most lenses I tried never really were able to fully resolve to the sensor.   

Fuji has a very good set of lenses that  appear to be very well designed for the camera and it will give acceptable results all the way up to iso 3200.   

If you have not tried the Photo Ninja software, give it try as they allow for a 2 week free trial that allows you to save the files.  You can also just download it and it will do everything but allow you to save the file.

Paul Caldwell

Paul Caldwell
Little Rock, Arkansas U.S.


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Re: Fuji X-E1 raw and Picturecode software
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2013, 01:41:52 am »

I have used Photo Ninja on occasion and as you said you get very crisp results. You might also try Iridient Developer on your Fuji files…it has a pretty good highlight control slider.
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