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Author Topic: 7.1.3 issues...  (Read 1424 times)


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7.1.3 issues...
« on: July 21, 2013, 03:46:36 am »

Before I open up a support ticket, thought I would bring these issues up here. There are a couple.

Since installing 7.1.3 have found this update highly unstable - as in it crashing often when trying to start it up. Recently did a "soft" uninstall - as in using the MS uninstall program - and then reinstalled 7.1.3. Since reinstalling the app, this seems to have helped in that that it doesn't crash as often.

In the second issue and somewhat related to the first. There seems to be new dialog window that opens up a launch time. I say "seems" because it only becomes "available" on every other launch. The understood behavior prior to the 7.1.3 update was that you went straight into the application - as in the regular GUI. This other, what seems to be new dialog box, gives you the option to open up a catalog of choice, this via a list of catalogs in the database. This dialog box seems to open up on an irregular and inconsistent basis. Not sure if this is a regular and/or user controlled feature?

The third issue I'm experiencing is that, on launching C1 and with this recent update, I now no longer get thumbnail views of images that are stored on storage media that is off-line. Through version 6.xx to 7.1.2, I would get these thumbnail views and I could work on images that were on storage media that was off-line. Since updating to 7.1.3, this now seems to be no longer the case. If the storage media (typically hard drives) are off-line or switched off, while the images are listed, I now no longer get thumbnail views. Not sure if others are experiencing the same?

Looking forward to further comments.

Cheers - Rogan
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