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Author Topic: "PHOTOGRAPHY NOW!" CHANNEL A "GO"  (Read 4615 times)

Michael Erlewine

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« on: July 18, 2013, 01:59:14 pm »


I ran this item earlier when it was just coming into existence, but it now looks like this new cable channel on photography is a go. So, if there are any of you who are comfortable on screen, can produce your own videos on some interesting aspect of photography, give it a look. It can provide exposure, advertising for what you now offer, and money.

New Photography Cable Channel

A startup new cable TV show on photography is being produced that also reaches an entirely new demographic: hotel and college dorm rooms, for starters, and regular cable networks down the road.


This is a fresh opportunity, a chance to be part of what will soon be a fast-growing business, the search for content. The large hotel chains are divesting themselves from standard cable and creating their own channels (golf, fishing, etc.). I contracted for the rights to a channel on "Alternate Awareness" some time ago that is called Spirit Grooves. It is doing well, and recently I was offered a photography channel because of my work in close-up and macro photography areas, a contract locked-in for five years.

Need I remind you that hotel users are prime advertising targets, as they are traveling, have money, are looking for entertainment, and most have cameras.

Already the big guns are kicking themselves for not having these contracts and we independent photographers and videographers have a chance to do a photography channel that consists of a team of independent photographers. I just need a team of the right people or companies.

I am organizing and will soon be producing the cable TV show (Photography NOW!) that will reach two million viewers and is still ramping up. We are looking for partners to provide 8-minute segments. You can advertise your product in your segments and, as we get sponsors signed up, you can also make money from advertisers.


I am Michael Erlewine, a well-known entrepreneur and archivist of popular culture, the founder of the All-Music Guide (largest music site on the web), the All-Movie Guide (one of the two largest movie sites), the All-Game Guide, (perhaps the largest concert poster site on the web), (Matrix Software, the largest astrological software company and second in age on the Internet only to Microsoft) plus, and many other web sites. I also am the mentor of the close-up and macro forum on


In 2013 I produced a cable channel of 12-on-demand half-hour shows which you can read more about at and
The "Photography NOW!" channel will also be a twelve segment (12 half-hour shows) available to more than two-million viewers, and growing.

Each half-hour show will consist of three 8-minute segments. So that gives us 108 eight-minute shows, that change every few months (or sooner if we wish). If you are at ease on camera, can make your own video tutorials, and like a challenge, consider joining our team.


We are assembling advertisers to sponsor the shows, and you will share in that revenue, but you may advertise yourself within each eight-minute segment that you provide. We are waiting for the statistical software to be completed, so we can track shows thoroughly.

It may be easy for you to modify some of your existing product and provide it. If interested in more details, please email me at or call 231 796 6532.

Michel Erlewine
Producer "Photography NOW!"
Logged Founder,,


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« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2013, 07:37:17 am »

Good luck as I think it is a good idea. Here locally we see on Cable "Wild Photo Adventures" which is sponsored by Really Right Stuff. That is a very good show, as it offers knowledge, field shooting & technical info.
 May be you can buy their episodes. They have 3 seasons in the bag & starting a 4th. There r short documentary movies, which one can work out a rebroadcasting rights to.
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