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Author Topic: C1 capture speed 7.1.3. vs 6.4.5 w/ Canon 5D3  (Read 2917 times)


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C1 capture speed 7.1.3. vs 6.4.5 w/ Canon 5D3
« on: July 12, 2013, 03:24:59 pm »

Was experiencing slowness using C1 v7.1.3 tethered with a Canon 5D3. Previews were taking noticeably longer than v6 to render into anything remotely viewable. So on my off day I setup a test and here's what I found:

Did three rounds of 15 shot bursts on each version of C1. Exposure was ISO 400, 1/250 @ f/2.8. Camera settings were manual auto focus, slow burst mode, RAW only.

Times are the rounded-up averages of the three attempts. Clock started with the first press of shutter and stopped as soon as activity wheel disappeared and last preview was sharp.

6.4.5 = 27 seconds
7.1.3 = 54 seconds

Machine: Macbook Pro Retina - 2.7ghz i7, 16gb ram, 768 SSD (500+ GB free space), Nvidia GeForce 650M 1GB, OSX 10.8.4

Software: C1 6.4.5 & 7.1.3, both fresh installs with defaults left on, OpenCL set to Auto, Preview size 2400px (largest in 6.4.5) & 2560px (7.1.3)

Camera: Canon 5D Mk3 firmware 1.2.1, Canon 35mm f/2 (chosen because C1 doesn't have a lens profile for it, to keep things equal between both versions), Tether Tools 15' tether cable.

Does anyone else experience this difference in speed on set when tethered? What could be happening to make v7 so much slower?


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Re: C1 capture speed 7.1.3. vs 6.4.5 w/ Canon 5D3
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2013, 11:46:00 pm »

Not sure what is going on but I have the same thing shooting with an AptusII5. C17 is a pig, and that is being polite. They have screwed up big time with this release, not that they will admit it and apologize or anything. I have gone back to 6.4.5, which is disappointing, as there are some nice new features in 7, it is just too slow to actually use in front of a client.

Jason Berge.

Jason Berge
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