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Author Topic: $2,500 - Mamiya 645 Pro Medium Format SLR Film Camera with EVERYTHING  (Read 1989 times)


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Hey there. I really hope this camera and everything with it can be found by a good photographer in this forum and go to a wonderful home. I've been trying to sell it for over a year now. I started on Craigslist and newspapers and there is just no analog enthusiasm nearby! If you professionals out there have any tips on how to sell bulk lots like this I'd love to hear from you as well.

The back is replaceable of course and one could purchase a Mamiya ZD 22MP or similar for wonderful digital prints. Here's everything included:

Note: Prices of items listed are of my documented files during market research and with purchase price in 1997:

POLAROID Back ($430) (Photo 5)
Body: Mamiya 645 ($1,480) (Photo 2)
Roll Film Holder: 120 Model# HA401 ($430) (Photo 8)

Its a 120 film and you can oldschool paper roll film. this is what you replace for it to become a digital camera (or Polaroid) or 220 for more photos.

AE Prism Finder: Model# FE401 ($999) (Photo 2)
Power Drive Grip Model# WG401 ($550) (Photo 2)

This automatically rolls the film. and rewinds it.

Meter: Sekonic Multimaster Model L-408 ($400)

Mobile meter, so you can test your light without looking through your camera

Flash: Sunpack Auto 544 ($140) (Photo 2


Standard: Mamiya Standard 80mm 2.25 / f2.8 Lense ($499)
Wide Angle: Mamiya Wide Angle 45mm 1.5 / f2.8 Lense ($839)
Telephoto: Mamiya Telephoto 150mm 1.5 / f2.8 Lense ($1469^) More of a portrait lense


Black and White B&W 67-E Top Polarized Linear Filter ($79)
Black and White B&W 67-E UV-Haze Filter ($49)
Black and White B&W 67-E Soft Image Filter ($61)
Black and White B&W 67-E KR-1.5 1A Skylight Filter ($49)
Black and White B&W 58-ES Yellow-Green Filter ($33)
Tiffen 58mm Sky 1A Filter ($16)
Tiffen 58mm 8 Yellow 2 Filter ($17.50)
Tiffen 58 to 67 Step Up Ring ($25)
Tiffen 58mm Red 25 ($17.50)

The colored ones are typically used for black and white photos. These change and intensify, bring out more of the gray etc. Ansel Adams would take MONTHS in the dark room perfecting his images.

Rokkunan SP Studio System Portable Backdrop Stand ($160)

Comes with two stands, a cross bar and a soft case. No backdrops.
About 4' wide.

Tripod BOGEN3030 ($189)

Camera BAG that fits EVERYTHING PERFECTLY ($180)
Camera Backpack (LOWEPND) that fits EVERYTHING PERFECTLY ($219)

Please don't hesitate to call with any questions:

SHERYL (360) 990-0230

I have an auction set up on ebay. You can find it here to bid:
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