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Author Topic: Poseidon's Revenge at Ils of Delos--GH2  (Read 702 times)

Raymond Bleesz

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Poseidon's Revenge at Ils of Delos--GH2
« on: June 10, 2013, 09:35:24 am »

Well, I just got back from Greece late last night--it's 7am Denver time---I dropped by traveling GH2 kit, camera & a 14-140 lens into the sea approx 48 or more hours ago (my other lenses were spared)--very briefly, but it all got wet. I immediately took the battery out & flash card. I wiped off excessive water on the unit & placed the kit into a bag of rice to adsorb as much moisture as possible.

So, the questions and your help/suggestions: Where to send the lens & camera for prompt, good service, PRONTO! I understand the GH2 is no longer in production, and it may be more than its worth for repair, so I may have to forgo looking into repair for this body and opt for perhaps a GH3, or????---your thoughts. But I need info from you re: repair et al.

I was able to retrieve the images on the flash card even when it got wet, and I was backed up on all my other cards. My images of Athens & the other images on a 7 day cruise are of good memories, but Poseidon wanted to let me know, I was in his waters----PS:  The island of Delos, a national park of Greece, is a site one must visit doing your bucket list. The Cycladic islands, with Delos as its center, was the Greecian center of intellectual thought, politics, commerce et al---the sites, temples, et al are most impressive.

The lens presently looks ok, but I will want to have this lens repaired---the body, is another issue.

Respond ASAP & thank you--Raymond

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