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Author Topic: Fuji GX680 or GX680 III  (Read 1859 times)


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Fuji GX680 or GX680 III
« on: May 16, 2013, 02:07:54 am »

Several people have asked me about getting a Fuji GX680 or a GX680III.
Mostly what would they be missing if they got a less expensive GX680 version I rather than the three.

Both have the same support for digital backs through the kapture group adapter.

The version III can use the AE prism while the version 1 cannot.

Version III can use internal batteries while the version 1 needs the AA battery holder by Fuji.

However I do find that the Version III has more mirror slap and is not quite as sharp as the version 1 when not using mirror lock up.

I tested two version III cameras and two version 1 cameras.

Version III no mirror lock

Version III with mirror lock

Version I with no mirror lock is in between these two.

Chart was not shot full frame, about 1/3rd of the frame and please excuse the nasty grainy processing.
Just did a quick and dirty dev.

Also in studio I like to use the Fuji gx680 on a nice heavy large format column stand.
The mass of the stand absorbs any any mirror slap thanks to the rigidity of the body and the mass of the stand.

Keep in mind these test shots were done with strobe.. around 1/500th of a second strobe duration.
Really fast strobe like a 10.000th would be sharper for the no mirror lockup.

Personally I prefer the build of the version 1. Nicer focus knobs and focus lock. Heavier build.

I'm looking into a shutter delay solution for light tripod and hand held use.

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