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Author Topic: Phase One Capture one 7.2, Phase One P25+ Slowing down when shooting  (Read 1911 times)


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G'Day, Has anyone experienced the following.

I have been using the C1 since version 5 with really no problems. The only growing concern is when shooting tethered, the more images in a session the slower the download and resolving of the image takes longer. Up to 30 pics, not a problem, it's when you begin to shoot quickly then pause for a few minutes, then another burst (portraits, not fashion) the system slows down considerably, making clients wait to see the pics resolve correctly. Over 100 pics and the session almost grind to a halt. I can keep shooting but the tethering is basically unusable. I'm shooting with a P25+ and would love to upgrade but a bigger file would only make it worse!

An older (2008) 20" iMac 2.4 Duo with 8Gig ram and have recently updated the HHD to a SSD which has made moderate speed improvements ie; start-up and program launch are fantastic.

Is this a cache problem, not refreshing????? When rebooting the computer, the unresolved pics just pop straight up, shooting starts again but not at the speed from frame one.

Do I need to have more than one session per shoot to keep the shoot speed quick enough for commercial clients not to loose interest. This IS becoming a deal breaker, are there any offers of advice?

Cheers...... Rodd

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Re: Phase One Capture one 7.2, Phase One P25+ Slowing down when shooting
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2013, 10:07:29 pm »

I haven't had a slow down like that, But I do notice with 7DB..It is taking long for the files to show up. 
Your issue sounds like a lack of disk space, memory or something along that line? It might not be a bad idea to reinstall  C1.

I was having issues with C1v5 or v6.0 sometime back, as 3.78 was very fast and without a hicup. I either got used to accepting it, or later versions helped speed it up with updates?. I think my posts about the timing is in some thread with details about how many seconds. If I'm not mistaken, C1v3.78 was about 6 seconds, and C1v6(or5) was 11 or 12 seconds.  This may sound like a short time, but in the scope of things, it is very slow.  I was using the CapturePilot with the iPod and was able to show the file much faster using v6.  I don't know what this 7.02 upgrade did to C1v7, but my system has had issues since the upgrade. I tried to include some Win764bit updates also, without success.  My trouble started when I shot with C1v7, then edited with v6. It could be something else, so I submitted my report to C1. I don't think they get in touch, but they likely speed up a patch file in the next update.
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