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Author Topic: C1PRO 7.0.2 WINDOWS 7 Several Seconds of Lag When Browsing Folders  (Read 1047 times)

Ronald NZ Tan

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I recently sent the following for PhaseONE Technical Support (POTS) and I wanted to know if any of the WINDOWS 7.0.2 PRO users are experiencing a similar delay or lag when clicking on folders and favorited session folders? The lag is usually experienced when C1PRO7 first executes and later subsequent exits and re-executes. Here is the copy and pasted message to POTS:

I am using the latest version of 7.0.2 and the "Selects" and session folders don't load in a reasonable amount of time. I usually observe this lab during the first time C1PRO7 runs.

Has anyone reported this lag? Only after several seconds of waiting, the CR2s from my Canon 7D would display as thumbnails as usual.

I recently upgraded from 6 PRO and I have been using C1PRO since 3.7.8 days and I have NEVER experienced the lag described in loading RAW files. In previous versions (prior to 7 PRO), anytime I browse the folders and session Favorited folders, the loading is near instantaneous.

For references purposes, I have the LATEST of every relevant drivers installed, including the Windows 7 SP1.
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