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Author Topic: FS: Pentax 645NII Kit w/ 75mm/80-160 FA lenses, 2 inserts + strap  (Read 1437 times)


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I've found that the resulting piece of film from 6x4.5 isn't large enough for me. I want something bigger.

Looking to sell this as a complete kit, ready to go!
Everything is in fine working order. Please see individual descriptions for each item. A link below is available for viewing pictures.

Come 1/1/13, I'll be splitting this up for sale individually(here and listed elsewhere), and also posting it for sale elsewhere(e**y).
But its a bangin system as it stands. Wanted to give all you LuLa folks 1st crack at it though :)


I'm looking for $1650 + shipping for the kit, all items listed below are included in that price.

Payment & Shipping:
I accept Paypal(split fees 50/50), or a USPS Money Order. USPS Money Orders must clear entirely before I ship.
I ship in the USA via USPS Priority Mail, or UPS Ground if you prefer that.
Int'l shipping will be via USPS EXPRESS Mail, this is the ONLY option that I'll offer.
Shipping costs are extra, and vary depending on destination item(s) are shipped to
Pickup in-person from me is fine too, I've met a few local "LuLa"ers this way!
Always great to meet other photo-folk in person. Especially us dedicated film shooters!

1. Pentax 645NII body
Works great. Very clean. Leather covering is starting to peel back in some places, but this is purely cosmetic. Viewfinder is very bright(stock screen installed) and pretty much spotless.
Nicest thing about this model(NII) is that it has MIRROR-LOCKUP built in, so for those of us who don't want mirror-bounce, its a very handy feature!
This model also allows you to expose 16 frames on a 120 roll, or 32/33(custom function) on a 220 roll!!! Very handy for maximizing shots/roll.

2. Pentax FA(autofocus) 75mm 2.8 lens
Very clean. All functions work splendid. Some very miniscule speckles of internal dust present, but these have not affected my film whatsoever!
Comes w/ both f+r lenscaps.

3. Pentax FA(autofocus) 80-160mm f/4.5 lens
Wonderful lens. Yes its a bit big, but ITS A MEDIUM FORMAT ZOOM LENS afterall ;)! I've compared this to the 75mm and other fixed-FL lenses in the P645 lineup, and IMO, its just as sharp as the primes. But you get a ZOOM lens.
Has some internal dust, but has not affected my film whatsoever in 4000dpi drum scans I've done from transparencies shot with this lens.
NOTE: I'm generally NOT a "zoom" guy, but this lens works very well when you want to only pack one lens.
Has f+r caps.
Comes w/ Pentax padded lens tube.
 No lenshood(I've been using a bellows hood from LEE w/ adapter rings).
Comes w/ Tiffen 77mm UV filter installed(a bit dusty, but still there as an option if you want it).

4. Strap
Its a strap, very nice condition. Original Pentax, not some cheap knockoff

5. 120 insert
Spacing is even, the nice thing about the P645 system is that the inserts are interchangeable between the P645, 645N and 645NII.

6. 220 insert
Spacing is even beginning to end. Comes w/ protective case. Case works with both 120 or 220 insert, protects when not installed into the camera.



more pictures can be seen here:
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