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Author Topic: SOLD: Mamiya DM22 (Leaf Aptus II) DB for M645 - 6 month old, count 11xx  (Read 1842 times)


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I am selling a mint- condition Mamiya DM22 Digital back. Some background information as below:
- Actuation count 1129, will be freezed as I no longer use it
- purchased new by myself around end of April as a kit from Hong Kong dealer, but I sold the 645DF camera body/lens earlier
- comes with original charger, car charger, straight-to-L-shape FW800 cable(unused), LCD cover, power contact cover for tethering
- Include 1 original battery, PLUS 2 after market batteries(Japan cells), same normal size 2200mAh, 1 additional travel charger (PowerSmart brand)

- 100% same spec as Leaf Aptus II 5 back. Just the printed logo
- 1.1x 645 crop factor, 36x48mm sensor size, 9micron pixel width, Dalsa sensor, base ISO 25

I consider this is the best entry MF digital back currently in production. Very clean files for both landscape & people shots. I have very good files by using it with both Alpa STC & Mamiya 645 machine. Just quickly push me upgrading to a higher MP back with sensors+ for some handheld application. :D

Please check below photos for the actual item that I am selling.

I am asking US$4500. Please contact via PM. Thanks!

Some sample shots I made by this DB:

Cape_Otway_Panorama1 by Wesley Tsang, on Flickr

ShingMum_02 by Wesley Tsang, on Flickr

M_000085 by Wesley Tsang, on Flickr

M_000119 by Wesley Tsang, on Flickr

Thanks for watching. :cool:
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