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Author Topic: New Rodenstock 90mm Digaron-SW  (Read 5782 times)

Doug Peterson

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New Rodenstock 90mm Digaron-SW
« on: August 21, 2012, 12:52:50 pm »

Just got the word of a new Rodenstock 90mm HR Digaron-SW lens designed for down to 5 micron sensors with a 120mm image circle.

The only thing that matters is the performance of real world tests, but on paper Rodenstock is usually more conservative than Schneider on their stated image circles. So a 120mm promised image circle from Rodenstock is really very impressive.

Cambo and Arca have already confirmed they will be using this lens as soon as possible with their tech cameras systems.

I'll do some charts later this week showing how wide that is with various sensors and amounts of stitching/movement.
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