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Author Topic: Zeiss Biotar F2 5.8cm M40 mount  (Read 2376 times)


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Zeiss Biotar F2 5.8cm M40 mount
« on: August 16, 2012, 05:52:04 am »

I've had this lens for some time. I believe it's a pre-war Praktica M40 mount lens (Praktiflex?), judging from the thread size. The optics look to be uncoated and very good condition, as is the overall mechanical feel. In fact it's a lovely thing to contemplate... I'd like to try it out on my OMD but doubt that there's an existing adaptor available - I certainly haven't been able to locate one. Has anyone had any experience of this particular lens (or close equivalent) who could suggest whether it's worth getting an adaptor made? - I have had a quote for £80. I realise that this is a highly subjective question but right now I have no basis at all to make the judgement!


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Re: Zeiss Biotar F2 5.8cm M40 mount
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2012, 02:53:13 am »

Hi Roy,

There is a website dedicated to the camera industry of Dresden, Germany, including the Praktiflex.
Although the author states he is reluctant to answer commercial questions, you can always inquire about the value of your lens. The site lists prices of Practiflex lens combos, the Biotar fitted cameras being the most expensive in 1939.
The website is in German, if you need any help with composing a message in german just let me know.

BTW I don't think 80 pounds for a single copy of a M40 to MFT adapter is expensive (there are even people who use teflon tape to screw M40 lenses in a M42 mount)

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