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Author Topic: Following in the footsteps of Mary Ellen Mark cost big bucks / Twinsville Fest  (Read 737 times)


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Mary Ellen Mark is one of my favorite togs. Thought I'd follow in her footsteps and go to the Twins festival in Twinsville Oh to shoot some pix in Aug.

Luckily for me I inquired first before taking the drive. The entrance fee is nothing $4. But if you want to shoot pix it is $1200 for freelance credentials. No credentials -no pix!

Now, maybe pro credentials are only $50? I didn't write back and lie to them saying I am really a pro. There are plenty of photo ops around, so I don't have to go begging the Twins fest to let me in.

Mary Ellen gives twice a year 10 day workshops in Mexico for $2500 a pop. Would be a better deal to spend the bucks on that. But I wont do that either. Got ADD, I can't stay in a workshop for a day let alone 10 days. If I hit the lotto, I would take the workshop, show her my pix out of courtesy, shake her hand and leave. Just the honor of meeting her would be worth $2500 to me.!
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