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Author Topic: Xpro-1 Files/Prints M.Reichmann? Others?  (Read 1160 times)


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Xpro-1 Files/Prints M.Reichmann? Others?
« on: June 26, 2012, 09:54:46 am »

As an Xpro-1 user I found Michael's Fujifilm Xpro 1 Redux hands on report to be objective and excellent.

I've been doing some testing (limited) to try and understand the comments on various fora that discuss the quality of the LR4 Xpro-1 raw conversions.

I'm finding that the files yield prints that are very acceptable for me in the largest size (15 inches on the long edge) that I typically make on my Epson 3800.

If I pixel peep the files at 200% plus I do see the characteristics that have been called 'smearing' or 'watercolor like'. Since I have limited experience in the realm of peeping and testing, preferring to make pictures, I'm interested in others' experiences.

It would be particularly interesting to hear Michael's outlook when it comes to printed pictures from the Xpro-1.
I'm guessing the Mr. Schewe doesn't have experience with the Xpro-1 but his views about prints from this camera would be interesting.

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