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Author Topic: Please, advise about the Camera to Print and Screen tutorial....  (Read 9316 times)


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I have bought the Advanced Guide to LR4, which I found very good for improving my work with LR4 (this time I did not buy the books of Evening and Kelby as I did for LR2 and 3) and now I am thinking about the possibility of getting also the videos of Camera to Print and Screen. However, I have some doubts......first of all, those videos are based on LR3 and not LR4, so (this is for Michael and Jeff)...should I expect an updated version this year? (I do not use Photoshop at all, so the videos about PS will be useless for me...).  Or this tutorial  is LR version independent?

Second: in my country good Epson printers, papers and inks are quite expensive, so printing  at home is only for top professionals (or people with enough money.....). For this reason I am in contact with a custom lab in my city that is currently installing an Epson 9900 printer and will use Canson papers. Therefore, I wonder if the Camera to Print tutorial will actually serve for me (as the LR4 did!) or they are just made thinking on those that print themselves at home?

I guess that some of you have got both Tutorials, so your experience and advise will  be of great help for me.

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Christopher Sanderson

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Re: Please, advise about the Camera to Print and Screen tutorial....
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2012, 03:21:14 pm »

The sections on Image Quality and Colour Management will be of great use to you if you wish to provide your printing lab with an optimized file for printing. And, if the prints come back 'different' from your file, you will know where to find the answers to correct the problem.

There will be no update to Camera to Print & Screen this year since the major change is covered by Soft Proofing in LR4.

The best way to make a decision - apart from reading replies here - is to check the Table of Contents for the items that really interest you.

Bryan Conner

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Re: Please, advise about the Camera to Print and Screen tutorial....
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2012, 05:03:18 am »

I have both Capture to Print as well as the Advanced Lightroom series.  I think that both have loads of information that can improve every aspect of your photography.  Both are the best value for the money that I have purchased in my 13 years of shooting digital.  Actually, I have found both invaluable sources of information.

And the video editing and cinematography is outstanding.... 8)
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