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Author Topic: Book to PDF video  (Read 3003 times)


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Book to PDF video
« on: May 21, 2012, 04:45:25 am »

I found the latest videos very interesting (just like most of the previous ones  :) ).

A couple of things re the Book to PDF video:

Not having Acrobat I poked around in Preview and found you can add the cover PDF to the book PDF by doing the following -

"You can copy pages from one PDF document to another by dragging a page’s thumbnail image from one document window to the other.

Open both PDF documents.
For each document window, click the Thumbnails or Contact Sheet button, in the View control in the toolbar.
Drag each page’s thumbnail image from its original document to the other document.
A rectangle encloses the other document’s thumbnails when you drag over them. If you don’t see a rectangle, the pages won’t be included in the PDF file, but they do appear in the other document’s window.

The page remains in the original document and is copied to the other document."

Using the standard Quartz Filter compression in Preview reduced the book PDF from 750MB to 6MB and the results were crap!  :-[

However by following the explanation on this site:

a custom Quartz Filter did the trick! I found setting the slider to about 60% gave good results and reduced the file size to just over 200MB. Higher settings resulted in a file size of around 400MB and that was too big (I assume) to be opened on an iPad1.

I do have one question for Jeff. In the Book module you had a few images across both pages. How do you get that to transfer to the iPad? The ones I tried resulted in the image appearing half on one page, half on the next.

Thanks again for the excellent videos!
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