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Author Topic: PHASE ONE: let C1pro read older leaf files--forcing me to use LR3 maybe buyLR4  (Read 1784 times)


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I've used C1 for about 2 years now and love it--don't want to switch but I have Leaf Valeo 22 files from 2005 which LR reads just fine, but C1 pro will not. It doesn't make sense that Adobe would support Leaf 2005 files and Phase One, the parent company of Leaf, doesn't.  Possibly I'm not doing something I should be, but it has happened before and Phase One is forcing me to buy Adobe.  So if I'm incorrect, please tell me as I'd really like to stick with C1 exclusively.

This is sort of a rant, but I'm also hope that someone connected to PHASE ONE realizes that for a while, the older Leaf backs were the best there were and those of use who had them have hundreds or thousands of images in our archives that need to be processed--I bet it'd be good business!  :)


Phil Indeblanc

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I can understand the dilemma! What a pain. I have issues of LR4 seeing older PhaseOne TIF format files. It only sees the preview tif!! Welcome to my world of Format Ffff.... what ever you wanna call it.

Just unacceptable. There must be some overlap they can't get over.  Canon was able to get over this with their 1Ds TIF files.  It sucks.

For making images for my client needs, I have to use 2 Photo managers, and 2 RAW developers....and its not like the files are isolated...its back and forth regularly. 
Sometimes I feel like I'm dealing with construction contractors ??!! DNG format isn't an end all solution. There was drawback to DNG, and it was a bit inconvenient, or limiting, so I used it a few times, and decided to switch back.
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