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Author Topic: X-Pro 1: odd jpeg import to LR4 behavior  (Read 1185 times)


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X-Pro 1: odd jpeg import to LR4 behavior
« on: May 13, 2012, 01:35:50 pm »

I've been using my X-Pro 1 for almost two weeks now. Though I own all three lenses currently available, my favorite is the 35mm. Since I currently have quite a bit of leisure time on my hands, I shoot roughly 200 images daily. I shoot raw and jpeg. Since LR4 doesn't yet support this camera's proprietary raw files, I save these in a folder until the time I can import them. The jpegs I import into jpeg to play with at this time. IQ is great and I enjoy most of the camera's functions.

Three days ago I noticed an oddity when importing that day's jpegs into LR4. LR didn't identify (notice) a number of images. What I had to do was import those images LR identified and allowed me to mark. Afterwards the SD card is ejected. Then I need to remove the card from my iMac and re-insert it. The card is NOT noticed by LR - the import dialog doesn't automatically open. I need to select import, the SD card is shown and then, a number of images which didn't show up the first time round are shown and illuminated (with all others shown as having been previously imported). Then I import those initially "missing" shots. I must MANUALLY eject the card, then remove it. A renewed insert shows, that all jpegs had been imported (I hope).

The above scenario happens consistently. I suppose that I had lost a number of shots since I didn't notice this behavior until three days ago. After earlier shootings I simply removed the card from the iMac, then re-formated the card and went on to the next shooting. Today I shot 216 images. The "first import" noticed only 186 images. The remaining ones had to be imported as described above in my adjusted workflow. Those "missing" shots tend to begin after about 100 shots with increasing occurrences.
I haven't a clue if this has to do with LR4 not yet supporting the X-Pro 1's raw files. I would have thought, that jpegs wouldn't be affected. I've never noticed such import behavior with my other cameras, so it has to have something to do with this camera or with this camera & LR4 combination.

Has anyone encountered similar jpeg import behavior using LR4?


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Re: X-Pro 1: odd jpeg import to LR4 behavior
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2012, 11:53:02 am »

Yes exactly the same behavior. LR4 selectively imports the jpgs associated with raw and doesn't import or even recognize others. Furthermore, LR4 doesn't import the raw files at all, something it should do even if it doesn't recognize them. Otherwise, the XPro is a wonderful camera.
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