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Started by Christopher Sanderson, April 03, 2012, 04:20:22 pm

How interested would you be buying in an 'Advanced' Guide to PS CS6?

I would buy it for sure
35 (43.2%)
Maybe - if the price was right
27 (33.3%)
Not sure. I have LR, that's enough for me
5 (6.2%)
Probably not. I don't use PS enough
7 (8.6%)
Definitely not
7 (8.6%)

Total Members Voted: 80

Voting closed: May 03, 2012, 04:43:13 pm

Christopher Sanderson

April 03, 2012, 04:20:22 pm Last Edit: April 03, 2012, 04:26:08 pm by Chris Sanderson
Michael Jeff & I have debated doing an Advanced Guide to Photoshop CS6 but have not yet decided to proceed with one.

Most of my efforts have gone into Camera to Print & Screen and Lightroom tutorials.

We did not do anything for CS5 except within those tutorials.

Our Guides to Raw Processing in CS3 & 4 have had remarkably little traction since their release - so we are quite leery about dedicating resources to a Guide to PS CS6 - especially one which might cover the same ground as Lightroom. However there is still a lot that can only be done in Photoshop

Would you be interested in a Guide to Advanced Techniques in Photoshop CS6? A Guide to the techniques that can only be achieved in Photoshop.

W.T. Jones


I cannot speak for the majority, nor should I. However, I think before you spend too much time on that, I would personally like to see the Video tutorials finished.

While I use photoshop for some things, LR is my go to image editing tool. I know little of how Photoshop really works and well done video by Jeff & Mike would be most welcome & useful to me.I would certainly buy it if priced reasonable. I know the content will be good from experience.


Tony Jay

IMHO an advanced "nuts and bolts" tutorial on PS6 would be a winner.

I have several really helpful books on CS5 (and earlier) and am able to internalize this stuff well.
However, I have been really surprised by just how useful the realtime "explain by example" method used in the LuLa tutorials have been to me.
The CPS tutorial has been the magnum opus for me.
The multimedia-multimodal approach has been a revelation.
With Michael and Jeff playing off their different techniques and philosophies in a sort of "dynamic opposition" this improves the learning experience immeasurably since one sees played out in real time possibly several contrasting approaches to solving particular problems.

In summary I would really like this proposal to become a real project.

Kind Regards

Tony Jay


Im keen for a CS6 tutorial.

But.. I'd like to see the remainder of the *cough* long overdue video journals completed for those who purchased subscriptions in advance. Im a patient person.. but (isn't there always a but!) Im starting to feel like the next one isn't coming.... Just an observation. ::)

Robert-Peter Westphal

Hi Chris,

but please, keep in mind before starting a new project ( which I'm also really heavily interested in !), that we all are waiting to see the next LLVJ ( I think 20 or 21) !

( or did I miss the information that is has been buried in complete ) ?

Best wishes

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Gordon Buck



Wonderful idea. I would like to see it be from the photographer's perspective. I am a NAPP member and most of their stuff is for the graphic artist. It would be nice to see some real life workflows. I really don't need 30 layers on my photos. It would be nice to learn how to use the program as a photographer from download, Bridge, raw, composite, hdr, layers, blending, styles, frames, printing, save for web, etc.

Your videos are very helpful and entertaining. Great idea.


Eric Myrvaagnes

More reasons to have Chris cloned.
-Eric Myrvaagnes (visit my website:


I'm still using the CS4 Suite. Now that I use LR I do not use PS anywhere as often as before when it was Bridge-ACR-PS. I will probably upgrade to CS6 primarily to stay current with InDesign, so I would welcome a Luminous Landscape tutorial on PS6.
I find that all your tutorial are very good and offer excellent value.

Daniel Salazar

my idea of asking for this tutorial, is because until now, I was no where able to learn so much, as I've done from Michael and Jeff, both are amazing. Just the knowledge Jeff has regarding this, makes me wish there was something about it. I'm also a NAPP member, however the way the show you, is like ".....grab this and make a line..."???, I want to know why this tool exist and what could do. I mean, I want to think and learn to do it by myself, I don't want to learn a recipe.

Christopher Sanderson

Quote from: Robert-Peter Westphal on April 04, 2012, 06:31:16 am
...keep in mind before starting a new project ( which I'm also really heavily interested in !), that we all are waiting to see the next LLVJ ( I think 20 or 21) !
( or did I miss the information that is has been buried in complete ) ?

:D - not the first time I have been told that! But I'm peddling as fast as I can.

IF we do anything on PS/CS6, it will be after the completion of the LR tutorial

(quietly,  ::)  my preference is to get back to the VJs)

Robert-Peter Westphal

Quote from: Chris Sanderson on April 04, 2012, 04:02:02 pm
(quietly,  ::)  my preference is to get back to the VJs)

That's more than great news !

Many thanks for being that honest to us !


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"Our Guides to Raw Processing in CS3 & 4 have had remarkably little traction since their release - so we are quite leery about dedicating resources to a Guide to PS CS6 - especially one which might cover the same ground as Lightroom."

My two cents is that your most successful productions are those that are relatively unique to LL.  "Camera to Print" and "Where are My Pictures" are examples of videos for which there are not many equivalent products, and for which your tutorial style is well suited.  Your Lightroom Guides face more competition from some high quality "All Screenshot with Voiceover" tutorials, but you still have some differentiation based on a unique presentation format and your long history with the Adobe engineers.  The Raw Processing tutorials don't really fit that description, and I guess I am not surprised that they have fared less well.

The first challenge in producing a tutorial on Photoshop itself is deciding what to cover.  If you make it a straight PS photo editing workflow tutorial, I think you will have a limited market similar to the Raw Processing videos.  If you try to cover more sophisticated editing techniques how do you decide which ones?  And, there are many more alternative sources for those kind of editing tutorials, including very high quality videos from Adobe, Photoshop News, and various other independent sites.  When I am trying to figure out how to perform a task or accomplish a specific effect in Photoshop, a simple Google search usually finds more than one good, clear, free explanation.

For what it is worth I have the Print, Asset Management and Lightroom videos, and all of the LLVJs.  I did not buy the Raw Processing and would not by a Photoshop series.  I would, however, look forward to seeing select sophisticated PS techniques covered in segments in LLVJs -- but the Journals would have to be released on a much more frequent and predictable timetable for that to take hold.   

Only you all can decide whether the return on sales of LL Video Journals justifies your investment of time and resources, or whether there are enough interesting topics to fill journals on a frequent basis.  Either way I would not count on a Photoshop series to have the same reception as your Print, Management and Lightroom productions. 

Sean Sullivan

Robert-Peter Westphal

April 09, 2012, 03:59:52 pm #13 Last Edit: April 09, 2012, 04:06:39 pm by Robert-Peter Westphal

beside my wish concerning the LLVJ, why not doing a video which shows the complete developing of some example 15-20 pictures using both Lr4 and CS6, similiar you did in from camera to print and screen.

Each episode could show some specialities of CS6 or Lr4 and how these two programs interact, so both CS6 and Lr4 customer could be interested in these video.

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Another vote for giving priority to the LLVJ. I particularly enjoy the travel episodes, seeing how the place looks "live" and then how it was captured in still photos. The Bangladesh one, for example, made me consider a trip to a place I had never in a million years considered visting.


I'm also giving my vote for more LLVJ's. We have seen many excellent interviews with exciting people in the business. This is to me the most interesting product from LL, much more than the technical stuff.


Quote from: Gordon Buck on April 04, 2012, 07:20:14 am
The next LLVJ please.

100% YES.  I'm afraid we've seen the last of the fabulous series though :(



It is very well possible that I would buy a Lu-La CS6 Guide, but I'm not sure. I'm no big user of Photoshop, the main reason is that I'm much in favor of the parametric workflow. Would PS be even better integrated in LR, like being to able to use parametric edits in PS from Lightroom without converting to TIFF/PSD I may have much more interest in using Photoshop.

For me, the Reichmann & Schewe show is real entertainment. So it is very well possible I would buy it for the entertainment value. It would also be an excellent way to learn weather or not CS6 is a worthy upgrade.

Actually, I'd say that it would be an excellent idea for Adobe to sell a Lightroom Edition of PS at a reduced price.

Another view I may have is that a video about doing some advanced tricks in PS may be attractive. Focusing on the stuff that cannot be done in Lightroom.

Best regards

Ps. OK, if you make that video with Michael, Jeff and them eminent Mr. Sanderson, I promise I'll buy it, so long it is at a reasonable price.
Erik Kaffehr

Christopher Sanderson

Quote from: kaelaria on April 15, 2012, 01:00:35 am
...I'm afraid we've seen the last of the fabulous series though :(



Erik Kaffehr