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Author Topic: Alain Briot's article here on LuLa.  (Read 2080 times)

Dave Gurtcheff

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Alain Briot's article here on LuLa.
« on: March 23, 2012, 03:22:05 pm »

THANK YOU -THANK YOU - THANK YOU. I am 75 years old and have been making "exhibition", "fine art" photographs since I built my first darkroom in 1959. By 1960 I was making and exhibiting 16"x20" "C" prints (Process "P122" - using Kodak "Color Print Material, Type C" paper ~ didn't even have a name). Ever since then I have been asked "do you manipulate your prints?" Of course I do. Dodge, burn, color correct, etc. In B&W I had a dish of Potasium fericynide, and a dish ot hot undiluted Dextol next to the hypo tray to lighten or darken small areas while still processing, and putting into the hypo tray. I made 16"x20" "paper negative prints". I used 16"x20" commercial "texture screens" by Mortenson. You laid these big negatives on top of the enlarging paper and printed through it. I use these same techniques today, but I do it digitally. I have 70 big framed (up to 30"x36" ) prints at the local Bar Restaraunt, which I sell. I get asked a million times if I enhance my work. I usually just say "dodge, burn in, polarizer filter, same as I always did in my darkroom". People don't seem happy with this. I high lighted Alain's two articles, coppied them, opened a blank Word Document, pasted it, changed font color to black, bolded the text (75 yr old eyes), and filed them in a special place on my hard drive so I can print it out and keep them next to my easy chair to read and re-read!
Thank you!!!
Dave in NJ 
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