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Author Topic: 5D3 Vs 5D2 video comparison  (Read 1551 times)


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5D3 Vs 5D2 video comparison
« on: March 20, 2012, 06:38:45 am »

I just picked up a new 5D3 earlier today and did a very quick comparison of the video. This was just a test for myself so feel free to pick apart my methodology as much as you like but I really don't care ;)

Both camera's were mounted to the same head and filmed simultaneously. I happen to have two 45mm T/S lens and shot at f8 @1/50 and 160iso. All other camera settings such as contrast, sharpening and saturation were matched between both cameras.

I recorded in ALL-I on the 5D3 (noticed an improved speed when transcoding the file in FCPX).

For the high iso comparison I used 2,500iso which is the very upper limit of what I had ever used on the 5D2 but as you can see by the 100% screen shots the 5D3 is definitely cleaner. The other big improvement was with Moire. I didn't see much of a difference with rolling shutter but then again my example in the video isn't exactly real world.

My thanks to the "Chairman" for posing.

Here's the link -

Cheers, Derryck.

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