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Author Topic: First Video production!  (Read 1045 times)

Jim Pascoe

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First Video production!
« on: February 07, 2012, 06:51:34 am »

After having tinkered around for almost a year shooting video clips with my GH2 - but doing nothing with them, I have just had a go at my first production.  We shot two school productions in December and so I had a hoard of parents chasing me for results which was a spur to action!  The performances were shot with two cameras - a GF2 for an overview and the GH2 for the close up stuff.  Having mulled over the various advice on software in the end I just had a go with iMovie 11 which is already on my Mac.  The first plunge was scary - but hey, it is actually quite easy!  That is, quite easy to get a result of sorts.  Like photography the difference between a result and a masterpiece is a gulf, but at least I have had a go.  Probably having to mix the clips from two cameras was making life hard for myself, especially as the colour balance did not quite match and unlike a RAW file not quite so easy to alter the white balance afterwards ( the quality breaks up quite quickly if you try).  I had also put a separate sound recorder on a small stand at the back of the stage but the sound of children's feet stomping around sort of drowned out a lot of the dialogue and songs.
Anyway it was a lot of fun, if time consuming (12 hours work for an hour in total of production).  I only post this not to be mocked by you old hands at video, :) but as encouragement for the novices like me to have a go.  iMovie seems to offer a lot, and I am thinking perhaps the new Final Cut X might be the way to go when and if I outgrow iMovie.

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