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Author Topic: Strange white balance results with Sony A77 and ACR  (Read 3406 times)


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Strange white balance results with Sony A77 and ACR
« on: January 18, 2012, 08:11:52 pm »

I noticed that I have to correct for a pretty extreme blue cast when I open raw files from my Sony a77 camera in ACR. I did some tests and shot color checkers with my Nikon D700 and the Sony simultaneously and here are the color temperature settings to neutralize the grays for each camera:
Tungsten - Nikon = 2800, Sony = 3000
Studio Flash - Nikon = 5100, Sony = 7000
Open Shade - Nikon = 7800, Sony = 14000

At first I thought the camera was broken and had it checked but they couldn't find anything. Then I created custom profiles with Adobe DNG profiler and also XRITE software but the results were very similar to the Adobe profiles.
Then I downloaded demos of Capture 1 and DxO Optics and all of the sudden the white balance settings of the Sony files are very close to the ones of the Nikon files. Can anybody explain what's happening and maybe have an idea how to make the Sony files behave similar to my Nikon files in ACR?
I'm just so used to know how to dial in my white balance with my studio lights and different modifiers I don't want to relearn that and ACR is such a big part of my workflow I don't want to switch.
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