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Author Topic: LCC option not available on .mos files imported with LRC?  (Read 5068 times)


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LCC option not available on .mos files imported with LRC?
« on: November 22, 2011, 12:53:54 pm »

I've recently discovered that in Capture One v6.32 the LCC options for some of my Leaf AFi 12 files are not available. It appears that those files where I can not select any LCC options are ones that I imported to my computer (Mac Pro) using the Leaf Raw Converter. I do this so that my files can also be cataloged in Lightroom 3. Unfortunately, it appears those files that I used the LRC on can not have a LCC applied to or created. Why? Are the converted .mos files no longer true raw files? What's up? Is there any way to convert the files back to something where I can apply the LCC? I get it that I can have an LCC stored in the camera and applied on capture but this won't work for files already put into my computer and not for using the LCC/HDR processing tricks either - and I don't always want the LCC applied in camera.

And more importantly is the converted .MOS file loosing quality?

Last question - why can't the aptus have the ability to write directly to the card a file that can be opened by all programs LC, C1, LR3???? It's really a problem!

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Re: LCC option not available on .mos files imported with LRC?
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2011, 09:04:36 am »

Hi eric.

The LCC only works with the compressed .mos files, which are not compatible with lightroom.
I have the same problem. Lightroom is my main catalogue, but I do not use it for development of .mos files.
Capture one does a great job at that, and I like it that the LCC file merges with the original, and can be reset again.
But that leaves me with files that will not show up Lightroom, so the archive is not really complete.
I am trying out Media Pro as my main archive, but to me at the moment it still has to many flaws.
It feels like I am stuck in the middle, and still trying to find the right solution or workflow.

If Phase One were to let the uncompressed .mos file work with the LCC-correction files everything would be ok, and the files would show up everywhere.

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