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Author Topic: website hosting - template style - with people tagging - good selling tools  (Read 5794 times)


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Hi guys,

I am working on a little project, where I am trying to develop a new business model for me at least. I am not very familiar with website creation, as I have never given it enough of my attention.

I am taking photos at a location, which is unique to the people here and mystical and distance world to their familie and friends.

So I am wanting to create/use template where people can login with global password for viewing, the people in the photos can be tagged to be identified and if there was then auto tagging with image recognition that would be fantastic (i think facebook has something like that...i think) people can freely download the images for their mobile devices should they choose to at low res. However, there should be an option for selling prints and preferable one where they just click the image and size, go to the pay at the end via paypal or similar. the printing process is managed by the hosting site or their associated partners.

Obviously it would be great if they are delivering to Australia ;-)

ohh I also need a domain name for it....

sorry if its in the wrong forum, but I was not sure so I placed it here, thanks



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A Content Managed System is probably the way to go; there is more than one photo-based system, Coppermine immediately comes to mind.  I use and am very happy  with Joomla

I do a fair amount of event photos and portraits, offering free and charged downloads, along with print services.  Joomla offers a huge number of add-ins including shopping carts with Paypal as well as other Bankcard processors.

An absolutley gorgeous Joomla based site is Nick Rains:
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