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Author Topic: White point RGB calibration in i1Profiler - Workaround  (Read 4652 times)


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White point RGB calibration in i1Profiler - Workaround
« on: October 24, 2011, 09:49:33 am »

Here's my workaround for RGB gain (i1Match-like old-fashioned way) calibration in i1Profiler software - it maybe useful for users of high bit LUT displays like EIZO S and SX series.

User Mode: Advanced, Display Profiling -
Display Settings:
White Point: Measure..., ...second display, White Patch, put the sensor on a white patch, press Mesure - the software will display luminance and chromatic coordinates values.

Enter the OSD menu of your display, and set the brightness to get the target value (like 80cd/m2) - press "Measure" button after each change, as there's no continuous measurement mode in i1Profiler.

Go to gain RGB calibration sliders and set all channels to 100%, start clicking "Measure" button to read the chromatic coordinates of the native white point. Then - depending on the native white point of our display and target calibration white point - start cutting two of RGB channels (R and G or G and B) to achieve the target chromatic coordinates, like x=0,313 y=0,329 for D65. As a general rule :
- cut Red gain to decrease x chromatic coordinate value
- cut Green gain to increase x AND decrease y chromatic coordinate value
- cut Blue gain to increase x AND increase y chromatic coordinate value
After hitting the target white point chromatic coordinates values correct the actual luminance level
using Brightness slider in OSD menu
. When both luminance and white point will match the target values, press "Cancel" button, set again target calibration values like 80cd/m^2, D65, gamma 2,2 and so in in Display Settings, Profile Settings dialog boxes. Choose Patch Set and set Measurement: "Adjust brightness and contrast manually" mode, then press "Start Measurement" to proceed further calibration/profiling.  
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