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Author Topic: C1 corruption  (Read 1709 times)


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C1 corruption
« on: July 31, 2011, 06:55:47 am »

I have been unhappy with C1 v6.2.1 since installation on my 3.06 iMac; violently colourful redraws between settings mean that I could/can not reliably ascertain differences (undo/redo) without making and comparing screenshots; slowness of opening sessions and displaying screen proxies; and sessions with no files in them at all, only to be visible upon later opening.

I noticed unwonted disk activity and decided to check with Disk Utility.

It then appeared that disk corruption may have been causing some (or all) of these problems (BTW, the word issue should not apply when you have a problem; let’s thank the software industry’s predilection for euphemisms for that). After booting from my MacBook Pro in FireWire Disk Mode and using the Option key to select the external startup disk, the iMac HDD was successfully repaired. Or so said Disk Utility.

C1’s performance improved for a little while, but now pix from a particular session will *not* draw properly on screen, showing a pixelated image with a perpetual rotating cog. Next step is to copy that session to my MBP to see if it will work on that; if it doesn’t, I’ll have to import again and make all the adjustments for a second time. Bugger!

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