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Author Topic: Question about profiling the 8300 with german eitching paper  (Read 1550 times)


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Today I had a chance to use a 8300 and will produce a series of work for a phoographer who will exhibit them within a month.
So today I've took the german eitching paper, by hahnemuhle, and try to profile them.

I've gernerate the target @2033 color patch in i1Profiler, save the image and print them with the Adobe Print Utility.
This is what I've done under the driver (I use a mac)
Paper type: Special 9 (as HFA recommended)
Quality: Highest
Color Management select was grayed out
and basically that's it.

I've gerneated the profile after 45 mins, brought in to colorthink and compare to the one I've downloaded on HFA website.
the result was a bit scary, the one I've download has 5xx thousand as the volume but the one I've made was only 3xx thousand.
I own both Epson and HP wide format printer and so far never had this problem appear before.

So anyway, I've made a print with my own test image. all the color looks a lot heavier, the B&W image has gray balanced failure scene, it turns out very magenta under certain light condition. But the color wasn't look like anything has been double profiled.

I've no idea what's going on and feels like I should not have done anything wrong during the profiling process.
One thing that I saw is under the driver, even the "no color management" was grayed out, but there is a "Adjust" buttom under it, and when I click it in, I see a lot of settings. I have not touch them, but will the printer active them as some sort of color management?

I will try to make another profile with the PMP5 and see if it was a problem of i1P or the canon driver.

Has anyone had seen this kind of problem before?

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