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Author Topic: Some Still Life  (Read 4259 times)

Riaan van Wyk

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Re: Some Still Life
« Reply #20 on: April 29, 2011, 12:56:37 AM »

Love photography; it drives the 'logic' of maths into despair.

Rob, photography for me, drives the logic of everything into despair. Been having a crap time seeing anything worthwhile, for longer than what is good for one person. And if it happens that there is a faint flicker of inspiration behind the tripod when shooting, it soon dissapears once those thoughts are displayed on the screen at home. It's as if the mind is in hibernation while sitting in on a lively conversation, each time you want to say something, the conversation has moved on to something else. But I digress.

John, lovely photos you have here Sir. William mentioned that your photos have a polished/ classy quality to which I am in agreement.       
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