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Author Topic: help me calibrate my new nec pa241w  (Read 1351 times)

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help me calibrate my new nec pa241w
« on: April 03, 2011, 06:37:33 am »

Hi everyone,

This is my very post here on this forum.
I have a bit of a problem with getting the colours of my sRGB images look the same on my nec and then other devises like an  iPad.
I am in Europe so I use basicColor which some say is the counterpart of SV in US. I do my calibration with i1Display2. I was trying to use the original software that came with i1D2 but when I wanted to do the advanced mode it just kept crashing. Did I need to do something with my GPU? Should I connect my i1D2 to the monotor or tower?

Coming back to my question.
I have attached the results of my last calibration so you can see whether that is something that you would accept yourself.
From day one even before I had it calibrated all my old images looked slighlty dull /washed out. No change after callibration. When I view pictures on the Internet on different photo forums  I see one thing on my iPad and other on my nec. Plus the banding I notice when viewing those images. Is it possible that my is display is faulty? What am I doing wrong here?

I work with LR3 and CS5. I thought that if I export my images in LR3 an than chech the sRGB box what I see on my nec is what I'll see on my ipad but no! Colours are washed out especially greens and reds.
In CS5 I save my images for Web and than chech the sRGB box but this gives me the same results as in LR3.
Shoud I assign/convert it to my display's prfile before saving for web? or dont do that just check the embed profile box when saving for web?

Don't know whether I have done the right thing buying a wide gamut dsplay. All this is very frustrating and If I don't get it right any time soon I will be thinking of returning the display and getting the normal gamut one .
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