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Author Topic: Color Discrepancy  (Read 1041 times)

Nicholas Whitman

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Color Discrepancy
« on: March 20, 2011, 01:30:12 pm »

I've had a problem with image control creep into my life and I can't figure it out!

In short there is a significant discrepancy between thumbnails and the selected image in both Lightroom 2  and Photoshop 3. It doesn't matter what form the original file is; DNG, TIFF or JPEG.

My guess is that gamuts are misaligned or something.

The problem is especially noticeable in the reds. My reds are very flat and when I goose them up so they are ok on my screen, if transfered to another computer they are way too juced. It isn't my monitors because if I review said image - say in a flash gallery it shows it's juced state. I use eye one for updated profiling.  I've tried Adobe 1998 and ProPhoto across all programs but there is no effect.

Color setting box says "CS applications are synchronized using the same color settings for consistent color management".

Also, when Bridge or Lightroom is restarted the thumbnails show the juced/actual image - but only until the image is opened then they too go flat.
No doubt I'm missing something obvious but what? Please help, I'm flying blind!

Many thanks.

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