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Author Topic: 24" red dor Artar, 360 Technika/Symmar, 12" commerical Ektar, 190mm WF Ektar  (Read 1957 times)


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Okay, now for the lenses.

360 mm, f5.6 convertible TECHNIKA Symmar in a compound shutter, pc, S/N 4930863
24 in, f11 Goerz APO ARTAR red dot machined to fit above shutter, S/N 760889
12 in, f6.3 Kodak Commercial Ektar in No.4 Acme Synchro shutter, bi post,S/N RS272
190 mm, f6.3 Kodak Wide Field Ektar in No 4. Acme Synchro shutter, bi post, S/N ES400

Now the good news bad news. I purchased the 360 Symmar with light rear element schneideritis. It also had (has) some scratches on the rear element. I shot it against a friends Nikor using Velvia and could not distinguish any loss of sharpness nor contrast. That's not to say there isn't any, I just did not perceive it. I continued with this lens as my primary lens on my ARCA for many years. It comes with a factory rear cap and one of my custom made Delrin front caps. I like the lens enough that I bought the ARTAR and machined it so I could swap elements. The ARTAR is free from defect and comes with one Schneider front cap and three of my custom made Delrin caps for the rest. The shutter works well and comes with a modified mounting ring (it's sort of square now).

The bad news or good news is the 24 inch ARTAR and the Symmar are a set, hence the price of $850.00

The 12 in Commercial Ektar has one small (less than 2mm) scratch on the front coating (circle L) and some light polishing swirl when observed with a 10x loupe The rear is near perfect. The lens ring with the name engraved is scratched when some numnutz used the wrong tool. The shutter works well. This is the lens I normally keep on the Kodak Master View as it folds into the camera. The shutter come with one of my brass mounting rings but I can not find the custom lens caps I made for it.

I would like $275.00 for the 12 " Ektar.

The 190 mm Wide Field has light polish marks in the front coating (circle L) all else is fine. The front has a factory cap and the rear one of my custom Delrin caps. The shutter works well and comes with on of my brass mounting rings.

I would like $395.00 for the WF Ektar

You can buy the whole lot for $1400.00

Best Regards to all

Slide show below for the lenses as well the tripod and KMV I am selling.

PS: I will be at the Photo Show in Largo Fl this weekend.

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