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Author Topic: Question on Raw/JPEG Tagging: Photo Mechanic, Bridge, Lightroom, etc  (Read 4069 times)


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In Adobe Bridge, I find that my tags apply just to the specific image or images that I'm editing. Do any of these light-table tagging programs automatically apply the same tags to both the RAW and the JPEG of the same image?

I've been happy with Bridge, supplemented by Nikon's View NX, Graphic Converter and Bridge. Each alone can solve 90% of my needs, but then there is usually one thing it doesn't do well. Graphic Converter, for example has great Google Earth integration for GPS tagging.

And, none of them allow easy editing of the Camera EXIF information, which I need for my film scans. So I also have to go back to using command line scripts (old-school: UNIX shell) and exiftool, which is totally awesome at the cost of doing everything by hand.

For the nerds in the audience, here is a shell script to add the keyword "Horses" to all jpegs in a directory:

find . -name "*.jpg" -print | while read filename
  exiftool -Keywords+=Horses "${filename}" | exiftool -
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